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Through an interdisciplinary approach (Women's Studies, Feminist Inquiry, Feminist Research, and Oral History) we as Women's & Gender Studies Capstone - Spring 2012 wanted to document the stories of some New Hampshire citizens and activists who worked and campaigned with Doris Haddock, who is now known to the public as Granny D. She was a well-rounded woman. She was a political activist, Senate candidate, public speaker, author, great-grandmother, wife, esteemed businesswoman, and centenarian. Her multiple identities, viewed as fractions of the whole, create a picture of women’s political activism and commitment to family. Granny D’s her-story is integral to the larger effort of broadening and deepening feminist oral history as a discourse in the discipline of Women and Gender Studies.


        Doris Haddock - Granny D                







Our project, encompassed in this website, aims to capture and preserve the memories and activities of Granny D. We invited nine individuals with varying degrees of connection to Granny D to record their stories in individual and group sessions. These interviews captured her voice through digital recordings and transcriptions and will be archived at the “Special Collections” section of the Wallace E. Mason Library at Keene State College through the efforts of Keene State College’s Women and Gender Studies Department. Given the plethora of our learning about Women's activism and the life of Granny D.,there is not way we can comprehesively show the enormous inspiration that we have gained by studying about the political strategies and succeses of Granny D. Here, we feature basic components of critical thinking, women's activism, and civic engagement through our papers and researched material.