This is the home page for the Civil Aviation Server for YS Flight.  To the right there are links to find what addons are installed and the rules for the server.

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the YS Civil Aviation Server to provide a place for pilots to fly private and commercial aircraft.  The YS Civil Aviation Server offers a place for the pilots of virtual airlines to log flights.  It also offers those who prefer general aviation an assortment of smaller aircraft.  In the real world, civilian pilots share the skies with the military, and that bit of realism has been added to YSCAS.  This server still has civil aviation as its primary focus.

How to Connect:
IP: yscas.ddns.net
Port: 7915
YSCAS uses the OpenYS console server.  All versions of YS Flight should be able to join, assuming map compatibility.*

Voice and Text Communications:
YSCAS does not have an official IRC or DiscordApp channel, but you can use the YSFHQ channel. (It is not owned, operated, controlled, or related to YSCAS.):
You can also communicate with other YS Flight pilots at YSFHQ.com, or join the HQ DiscordApp Channel.

IRC Information** ***: 
OpenYS now allows users to track the chat taking place on a server using Instant Relay Chat.
Server: chat.freenode.net
Channel: #ysflight
Server: irc.xertion.org 
Channel: #OpenYS

How to Join:
Open up YS Flight and go to the Network menu and select "Client". Add your name and the server IP address. Then click OK and you will join the server. Select a plane and start position and you're ready to go. Just make sure you have the map that is being used on the server.

Server Conditions:
Collisions are turned off.  Weapons, Missiles, Blackout and Land Everywhere are turned on.  The day/night cycle may be turned on.
The weather may change from time to time with little or no warning.  Check the YS Server List for recent conditions.

YSCAS will be available most of the time.  CURRENTLY OPEN

Some Notes:
A full list of installed aircraft packs is on the website (link at the top), along with a schedule of maps.  I will be changing maps every Tuesday afternoon and Friday night.  I am open to suggestions.  If there are particular maps you would like me to add to the rotation, let me know.  The same goes for aircraft, either military or civilian.  You should also install the PMNV Ground Objects Pack because all maps will include enemy and friendly military bases and/or fleets.

*     If the map being used on the server works on your YS installation, you should be fine.
**    You will need an IRC client.  There are several available for free.  Just look for "IRC client" in your search engine.
***   All messages sent through the F12 Chat system of YSFlight are public and can and will be shared publicly.  There is no expectation of privacy while chatting on YSCAS.
****  Times are subject to change without notice.