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The Civilization game franchise started out as a board game.

What is Civilization?

The basic concept of the game is to rule over an empire.  This includes building a military, expanding territory, establishing new cities, dealing with neighbors- either through peace and diplomacy or military might, and much more.  You have to keep your empire in good shape, which means your people have to be happy, healthy, and productive.


Unlike real life empires, Civilization does allow for victory.  There are many different kinds of victories, depending on which game you're playing.  The most common ways to win include:

  • Military conquest
  • Space victory
  • Time (highest score at the last year) 

In addition, some versions of the game introduce other methods of winning: diplomacy, domination, cultural, and several others based on building a special wonder (Alien Life Project and Gaia controller).

About this Site

This site was created for the purpose of comparing the different civilization games that exist.

One day, a person visited a Civilization II forum and asked, "Why Civ 2?"  He posted that question wanting to know why people still played Civ 2 when Civ 4 exists, although he seemed to already have made up his mind about Civ 2 being outdated, particularly in graphics. 

Each version of Civ is played a little bit different and offers a new approach to the same basic idea.  Just because a new game is created does not outdate the old version, just as a sequel to a movie doesn't take away from the original.  Some people might not like a sequel- and like the original better.  It's the same thing with the  Civilization series.

About Me

I've been playing Civilization for quite some time now.  I think I've actually lost count.  I probably started around 1998 (although I suspect earlier).  My first civ game was with Civ 2... that I remember.  I didn't understand the game very well, but my brother played it a lot- so I wanted to learn it.  I relied on the cheat mode of Civ 2 to get me started.  I really didn't know what I was doing, so I just built cities and units just to see what happened.  Eventually, I figured the game out (yeah, I know- I could have just read the manual... I'm not big on reading things).  Ever since I figured out the "correct" way to play, I've been hooked ever since.