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Mr Clean Car Wash Filter

mr clean car wash filter
    clean car
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Clean car!
Clean car!
We're off to Herefordshire for Christmas, so I gave my car a good old spring clean today in preparation for the journey. I'm very proud of myself because I'm terrified of car washes, but I managed to conquer my fear and go through the drive-through. It was pretty dicey in there, but I made it out in one piece! It was too dark by the time I'd finished to take a picture of the shiny exterior of my car, so this one of the interior will have to do for today!
Clean Car - Ready for the Road
Clean Car - Ready for the Road
for ODC 'tall' i'm 6'3" but you wouldn't know it in this fun-house reflection in the back of my car. washed my car getting ready for my annual wander-around-the-country-for-a-month-or-so-for-no-reason car trip. leaving tuesday! also posting to sliders sunday, hss everyone.

mr clean car wash filter
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