Glass Cleaning Rags

glass cleaning rags
    glass cleaning
  • (Glass Cleaner) Technical term for any commercial ammonia-free glass cleaning product, soap and water or vinegar. Always use a lint-free towel when drying glass.
  • (Glass cleaner) An excellent rebounder who can swipe the ball off the backboard.
  • (rag) a small piece of cloth or paper
  • Make fun of (someone) in a loud, boisterous manner
  • Rebuke severely
  • (rag) torment: treat cruelly; "The children tormented the stuttering teacher"
  • (rag) a week at British universities during which side-shows and processions of floats are organized to raise money for charities

BMK Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente 6x30 K.F
BMK Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente 6x30 K.F
German service glass that ways a mere 380 grams. Built by Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prague, they are the lightest binocular I have used. Despite the objectives been cleaned with a sandy rag, image is well corrected and fairly bright. They are also very difficult to strip and clean as the oculars are very tightly screwed into the body of the binocular. The Letters K.F denote this binocular for use in very cold climates, as a low viscosity grease (Kalte Fett) was used in the focus screws. Just pass me those Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente's please! Usable with Spectacles =No
glass cleaner.
glass cleaner.
am i the only one who just uses a damp towel or rag to clean mirrors and windows?

glass cleaning rags
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