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Comet Cleaning Supplies

comet cleaning supplies
    cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning agents and small cleaning equipment used in the cleaning of guestrooms and public areas in the hotel.
  • (astronomy) a relatively small extraterrestrial body consisting of a frozen mass that travels around the sun in a highly elliptical orbit
  • (cometary) of or relating to or resembling a comet
  • A celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust and, when near the sun, a “tail” of gas and dust particles pointing away from the sun
  • A comet is an icy small Solar System body that, when close enough to the Sun, displays a visible coma (a thin, fuzzy, temporary atmosphere) and sometimes also a tail. These phenomena are both due to the effects of solar radiation and the solar wind upon the nucleus of the comet.
comet cleaning supplies - Procter &
Procter & Gamble Comet Pro Line Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, 1 gal. Bottle
Procter & Gamble Comet Pro Line Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, 1 gal. Bottle

Procter & Gamble Comet Pro Line Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, 1 gal. Bottle

Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. Nonabrasive formula contains solvents and surfactants to penetrate and dissolve soap scum and hard-water stains. EPA Registered cleaner is a medical environment disinfectant capable of killing a broad spectrum of germs, including salmonella, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, and odor-causing bacteria including proteus mirabilis and E. coli. Global Product Type: Cleaners & Detergents-Bathroom; Cleaner/Detergent Type: Bathroom; Application: Bathrooms; Applicable Material: Ceramic; Fiberglass; Plastic; Porcelain; Stainless Steel.

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why I love tokio hotel
why I love tokio hotel
WHY I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL - caroline petersen 1.Gustav’s petname for a girlfriend is “Chick. Bring me a beer!” 2.Bill and Tom need each other. 3.Bill’s dancing skills have not improved from the time he was 13 to now. Sad 4.Although, Bill has conquered the “shimmy.” 5.Tom is horrible at trying to hold in his laughter. 6.Tom’s advice for your first time: “Jump in and it’ll be good.” Thanks TOM! 7.Bill and Tom are totally cute, even when they’re shitfaced. “DAS IST GELOGEN! DAS IST GELOGEN!” 8.When Bill was asked what he would do if he was a girl for a day, he said he would not hook up with his brother. (Now DAS ist gelogen) 9.If Georg were a ghost, he would stand in traffic and have cars go through his body. 10.Bill and Tom had their first kiss with the same girl…at age nine…in a tent. That’s kind of weird. 11.Bill wants people to think he’s a virgin. He’s not. 12.The only person that can annoy Tom is “ten minutes younger than him…and starts with the letter B,” but that’s all Tom’s saying. 13.Georg’s only friend is his bass “Mr. Sandberg.” 14.Tom says the only positive thing about school was the girls. Typical! 15.Tom still wants to wear the jumpsuit from “Ready, Set, Go/ Ubers Ende der Welt.” 16.Bill still has Jumbie, ladies and gentlemen. That was a vital piece of information. 17.“Your father is a thief because he has stolen from the stars and put them into your eyes” is Gustav’s example of a pick-up line. 18.Music is Bill’s girlfriend. EWWWW 19.Tom lost his virginity at age 14….to Bill! Bwahaha just kidding. Not to Bill. 20.Tom likes when he can see a girl’s bra. PERV 21.Bill dislikes granny panties. And just to be sure, he means when GIRLS wear them…not him. 22.When asked which member of the band would get married first, Bill said Tom and Tom said Bill. Oh maybe they’re gonna get married to each other. 23.When asked which twin was uglier, Bill said Tom and Tom said Bill. Same answer. 24.When asked which twin was more annoying, (Guess what the response was!) 25.Georg’s first CD was Oasis! Tom’s was Aerosmith. Gustav’s was Metallica. Bill’s was Nena. Duh. 26.The boys think the best video is “Ready, Set, Go” by Tokio Hotel. And “Monsoon” of course. 27.Georg’s full name is Georg Mortiz Hagen Listing. 28.Gustav’s full name is Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schafer. BWAHAHA sorry gusti. 29.Bill can’t keep still. Haha me neither. 30.If Bill were a ghost, he would scare people at restaurants and stuff. 31.During Bill’s 10 days of silence, he would hold up a paper to Tom that said “Halt die Fresse” written in his eyeliner. Haha what a diva! 32.Bill and Tom used to beat each other up with frying pans. Ouch. 33.Georg is really good at singing background vocals. 34.Georg takes Gustav’s shoes off for him after the shows. Sweety. 35.Bushido thinks Bill is “erotic.” 36.Tom writes like a girl, despite being the “manlier” twin. 37.Tom cried when he visited Israel. Pussybitch. JK. Ily Tom. 38.Tom has the sexiest jawline I have ever seen. 39.Georg laughs at Bill’s pain. BWA-HA-HA-HA (evil laugh) 40.With all the sweating he does, Bill’s face doesn’t melt off during the shows. 41.They didn’t drown at their MTV EMA performance. 42.Bill is still learning the difference between “this” and “that.” 43.Tom wears big shirts so when he has no pants on, his “schwanz” is covered. (Aww is it small?) 44.Aside from having no eyebrows, Tom also has no ears. 45.Tom put the moves on Nicole Sherzinger. Trying to get closer to the threesome he’s supposed to have with her and Bushido. (Hmm I still don’t know how to spell it.) 46.Tom lets Bill eat his skittles. (Haha that sounds funny.) 47.Bill doesn’t dash his “F’s” 48.Tom writes his Ms like Ws. 49.Bill will never like mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, or asparagus. 50.Bill drank coffee since he was five. 51.The twins don’t like outdoors because apparently, “things get clammy.” 52.Bill is not able to say “douze.” (NOT DOUCHE. Douze=12 in French) 53.Bill doesn’t go anywhere without his phone. 54.Bill wears his sunglasses at night. 55.Tom wore a polo shirt!! Not a T-shirt or a jersey. That’s an accomplishment. 56.When Tom doesn’t know where he is, he asks the girl that’s in his bed in the morning. 57.Tom is a grandpa already. That’s pretty amazing considering he has no kids. (or does he?) 58.Tom doesn’t change his hair because everything looks good on him and it would be too hard to pick one hairstyle. 59.Bill dances like a stripper. 60.Tom wants 5% of Bill’s “energy.” (Is energy codename for penis?) 61.Tokio Hotel’s most overused phrase is “und umm ja.” 62.Bill is a perfectionist, which means he’s probably anorexic. JK 63.The boys like to watch people have voyeur sex in hotel rooms. 64.Bill is the leader of the band and whatever he says goes. 65.Bill sweats out the ass according to Tom. He has “ass-water.” Bwahaha OMG Tom should know since he’s near Bill’s ass often. 66.If Bill were invisible for 30 minutes, he’d trip people. 67.Tokio Hotel are on Happy Meal toys in the Czech Republic.
deep purple iris backlit
deep purple iris backlit
Where Has All the Water Gone? The American Prospect May 27, 2008 Three scenarios collude toward disaster. Scenario one: The world is running out of freshwater. It is not just a question of finding the money to hook up the 2 billion people living in water-stressed regions of our world. Humanity is polluting, diverting, and depleting the Earth’s finite water resources at a dangerous and steadily increasing rate. The abuse and displacement of water is the ground-level equivalent of greenhouse-gas emissions and likely as great a cause of climate change. Scenario two: Every day more and more people are living without access to clean water. As the ecological crisis deepens, so too does the human crisis. More children are killed by dirty water than by war, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and traffic accidents combined. The global water crisis has become a powerful symbol of the growing inequality in our world. While the wealthy enjoy boutique water at any time, millions of poor people have access only to contaminated water from local rivers and wells. Scenario three: A powerful corporate water cartel has emerged to seize control of every aspect of water for its own profit. Corporations deliver drinking water and take away wastewater; corporations put massive amounts of water in plastic bottles and sell it to us at exorbitant prices; corporations are building sophisticated new technologies to recycle our dirty water and sell it back to us; corporations extract and move water by huge pipelines from watersheds and aquifers to sell to big cities and industries; corporations buy, store, and trade water on the open market, like running shoes. Most important, corporations want governments to deregulate the water sector and allow the market to set water policy. Every day, they get closer to that goal. Scenario three deepens the crises now unfolding in scenarios one and two. Imagine a world in 20 years in which no substantive progress has been made to provide basic water services in the Third World; or to create laws to protect source water and force industry and industrial agriculture to stop polluting water systems; or to curb the mass movement of water by pipeline, tanker, and other diversions, which will have created huge new swaths of desert. Desalination plants will ring the world’s oceans, many of them run by nuclear power; corporate-controlled nanotechnology will clean up sewage water and sell it to private utilities, which will in turn sell it back to us at a huge profit; the rich will drink only bottled water found in the few remaining uncontaminated parts of the world or sucked from the clouds by corporate-controlled machines, while the poor will die in increasing numbers from a lack of water. This is not science fiction. This is where the world is headed unless we change course–a moral and ecological imperative. But first we must come to terms with the dimension of the crisis. We are running out of freshwater In the first seven years of the new millennium, more studies, reports, and books on the global water crisis have been published than in all of the preceding century. Almost every country has undertaken research to ascertain its water wealth and the threats to its aquatic systems. Universities around the world are setting up departments or cross-departmental disciplines to study the effects of water shortages. The Worldwatch Institute has declared: “Water scarcity may be the most underappreciated global environmental challenge of our time.” From these undertakings, the verdict is in and irrefutable: The world is facing a water crisis due to pollution, climate change, and surging population growth of unprecedented magnitude. Unless we change our ways, by the year 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population will face water scarcity. The global population tripled in the 20th century, but water consumption went up sevenfold. By 2050, after we add another 3 billion to the population, humans will need an 80 percent increase in water supplies just to feed ourselves. No one knows where this water is going to come from. Scientists call them “hot stains” — the parts of the Earth now running out of potable water. They include northern China, large areas of Asia and Africa, the Middle East, Australia, the Midwestern United States, and sections of South America and Mexico. The worst effects on people are, of course, in those areas of the world with large populations and insufficient resources to provide sanitation. Two-fifths of the world’s people lack access to proper sanitation, which has led to massive outbreaks of waterborne diseases. Half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by people with an easily preventable waterborne disease, and the World Health Organization reports that environmental factors, including contaminated water, are implicated in 80 percent of all sickness and disease worldwide. In the last decade, the number of children killed by diarrhea exceeded the number of people killed in all armed conflic

comet cleaning supplies
comet cleaning supplies
Procter & Gamble Comet Cleaner w/Bleach, Liquid, 1gal. Bottle

Procter & Gamble Comet Cleaner w/Bleach, Liquid, 1gal. Bottle

Help make the bathroom a clean, germ-free environment. Heavy-duty detergents with Chlorinol® bleach power through soap scum, grease and hard-water stains without scrubbing. Disinfects and deodorizes toilets and urinals. Nonabrasive formula. With the trigger spray bottle, applying the formula has never been easier-simply point and spray. Global Product Type: Cleaners & Detergents-All-Purpose; Cleaner/Detergent Type: All-Purpose; Application: Bathrooms; Applicable Material: Ceramic; Fiberglass; Plastic; Porcelain; Stainless Steel; Tile.

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