Possible artifacts to add to a teaching portfolio

“The relevance of an artifact to a standard is determined by the narrative of the candidate’s reflection on the artifact … A great artifact is one that speaks to your ability, sincerity, and passion for teaching.”
Kinnard, 2006
  • Lesson plans [Lesson objectives, materials, introduction, procedure, evaluation etc.]
  • Students' work 
  • Testimonials from superiors/colleagues/students
  • Standards [Standards you will be evaluated against]
  • Job responsibilities
  • Research projects/papers/publications
  • Professional development records/plans
  • Teacher Feedback Questionnaire data [Results and your reflections on it]
  • Links to websites relevant to your purpose, e.g. your course site
  • Photos
  • Case studies [Studies of a student's growth over a period of time]
  • Organising events, field study trips [Copies of programms, correpondence with agents involved, letter of invitation, memos etc.]
  • Research papers/publications
  • Conference presentations
  • Video of classroom teaching
  • Class observation reports
  • Digital story
  • Emails/letters/cards from students/peers [Formal and informal assessments of you by students/peers]
  • Goals (Short- & long-term) [Think about the important results you should accomplish as a teacher and record these as goal statements]
  • Plans for professional development [Short- & long-term plans for professional development]
  • Resume
  • Description of workshops attended
  • Special skills/knowledge [Technology skills, language skills, etc]
  • Evaluation of student work
  • Teaching materials you have authored [Rubrics or assessment instruments you have developed/selected to guide and measure student performance] 
  • Awards/Certificats/Grants
  • Action research [Research you have done about ways to imrove classroom instruction, student learning, and your own practices]