How to Build an ePortfolio

Conceptual Part

To create an ePortfolio you need to:

COLLECT artifacts
PROJECT – Plan your content visually
SELECT your software and appropriate content
DIRECT your learning and your readers
CONNECT your learning to other experiences
REFLECT on your learning and growth


Learning Portfolio

A learning portfolio is a very powerful learning tool which gives the creator, designer and user valuable opportunities to enhance their learning. The learning is driven by the reflection that needs to take place in order to produce the portfolio itself. The ability to reflect and therefore to learn more deeply is dependent on asking oneself questions. If the learner continually bears in mind the following questions when creating their portfolio, it should have a truly positive effect on the quality of the learning. This is what makes the learning portfolio such a powerful learning tool.

What is my purpose in creating this portfolio?
How am I going to organize it effectively so that I can demonstrate this purpose?
What learning goals am I going to set myself?
What are my learning needs?
How will I demonstrate that I am working towards these goals?
In what ways can I show that I am thinking about my learning?
How can I enhance my thinking skills through the use of my portfolio?
How can I reflect more deeply?
How can I make connections between my learning and the wider world?


An exemplary ePortfolio for learning would most likely contain:

* a self-introduction
* a statement of purpose
* a learning profile interests and ambitions
* a list of goals & action plans
* reflective writing on the process of learning
* a reflective summary at the end of the course


An exemplary ePortfolio for learning would most likely demonstrate:

* achievement of learning outcomes
* talents, knowledge, skills and values language skills
* progress towards goals
* change over time
* critical thinking
* response to feedback
* efforts in learning
* transferable skills
* self-direction
* potential

There needs to be a good pedagogical reason to ask students to add any material to their ePortfolio; otherwise there is no educational value in doing so. Ask yourself: How does asking my students to do this add value to their learning? Similarly, making the ePortfolio a course requirement entails setting learning outcomes that align with that requirement.

Sample ePortfolios:

Employment portfolio

Learning portfolio



Technical Part

At CityU both staff and students can create ePortfolios using the Blackboard portfolio editors. MyExpo LX, a user centric tool for creating Wikis and Blogs for different learning activities and management of learning, is also being piloted.

You can create an ePortfolio using any Web authoring tools such as Dreamweaver, Wikis and other free services such as GoogleDocs, and Windows Movie Maker incorporating linked documents and/or digital stories and allowing authorized access.