CityU ePortfolio Development

CityU is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and student development. Emerging technologies are providing new opportunities for learning and the ePortfolio can facilitate involvement in more engaging, reflective and autonomous learning experiences. The latest project title is "ePortfolios for All: A Roadmap for Success" and is actually an extension of the Electronic Learning Portfolio and English Language Portfolio projects conceived following discussions in 2005 between Professor Lilian Vrjimoed, the former Dean of Student Learning and currently the Advisor to the VP(SA) on Student Learning, Dr Eva Wong and Ms Jean Young, the Heads of the Education Development Office and the English Language Centre, in which a vision for electronic portfolios for employment was outlined. Since then the English Language Centre and the Education Development Office at City University of Hong Kong have been working together to implement and research the implementation of learning ePortfolios into several ELC courses. They have also been working in partnership with colleagues from other departments to research and support the implementation of ePortfolios in other courses. Check out detailed information about the former ePortfolio projects in 2005-6 and 2007-8