Professor Rodgers' Open Access English Handbook

An English Handbook is a reference work used by writers when they have questions about various issues related to writing.  These include: formatting guidelines, style guidelines, SWE usage guidelines, citation guidelines, etc.  What follows is a collection of Open Access resources that can be used as a Digital English Handbook by students.  Like every digital text, this one offers some advantages and disadvantages compared to printed English Handbooks.  If you are looking for an English Handbook in print, you can click here.

College Writing: Purdue OWL Links

Some Common SWE Mechanics/Usage Issues (for exercises, click visit the CUNY WriteSite, the Purdue OWL,  the Norton Field Guide web site, or the McGraw Hill/Elder Parts of Speech Exercise )

Understanding Complete Sentences in Standard Written English (SWE)

Read More About Sentences in SWE


Some Common SWE Usage Issues


Sentences (see above)


A Digital Essay About Paragraphs and/or/as Islands:


Writing With and About Texts

How can I communicate clearly in writing?

Clarity and Exploring Semantic Possibilities

MLA Bibliographic Citation Style Guidelines (MLA 7th Edition)
Electronic Resources
Subject-Specific Writing Guides

Writing About Literature
Writing in Nursing
Lab Reports (see also the Rensselaer guide to writing Lab Reports)
Online Tutorials


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