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Introduction to Writing as a Process (UTEP)


Brainstorming (UNC Writing Center)

Brainstorming (KU Writing Center)

Bazerman Introduction to College Writing


What Writing Does and How It Does It

The Reading Process:
Analyzing Texts

Reading Critically

Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing

Reading Skills Handbook

"How To Read a Book" by Paul N. Edwards

Rhetorical Reading

Writing With and About Texts:  Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing,Textual Citation and Analysis

Introducing Quotes: Some Guidelines

Introducing Quotes: One Humorous Example

Introducing Quotes: One Academic Example

Introducing Quotes: They Say / I Say [Overview of They Say/ I Say]

Argumentative Writing Exercise/Template (Dave Stuart)

The Revision Process

Peer Editing

Guidelines for Peer Editing

Rhetorical Punctuation (and Punctuation in General):

A Writer's Grammar:


Sentence Editing

Compact English Handbooks and Rhetorics

Introduction to College Research:  Issues, Approaches, Resources, Processes

What You Can Do With Writing:  Writing in the Disciplines

Writing About Literature

Writing About Math


Sample Essays From Across the Curriculum:

Writing Plans From Across the Disciplines

What You Can Do With Writing: Writing in Different Genres

Effective Argumentation

The Informed Writer (Chapter 5)

"The" Research Paper:

Technical Writing

Some Sample Essays by Genre

Literacy Narrative: "Superman and Me"

Memoir: "Salvation" by Langston Hughes

Personal Essay: "Lost and Found" by Colson Whitehead

Position Paper

Researched Article:  "You Are What You Grow" by Michael Pollan

Researched Article:  "From Doo Wop to Hip Hop" by Mark Naison

Definition Article: "Own Your Own Words" by Stephen Johnson

Description Article: "Paradise Sold" by David Sedaris

Short Story: "Mother Catherine" by Zora Neale Hurston

Short Story: "Wish Fulfillment" by Mary Gaitskill

Multimedia Essay: "A Ride to Rockaway Beach with Rob Stephenson" (2013)

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City Tech Learning Center:

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BYU Corpus of American English

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Professor Rodgers' Short List of Books You Must Read

Professor Rodgers' Highly Subjective Recommended Reading List

Open Culture: 800 books Best Books Ever Lists


Wikipedia: Great Books of the Western World

Great Books of the Western World eBook Links

St. John's College Freshman Reading List

100 Best Novels (Modern Library)

100 Best Novels by Women (Radcliffe College/Modern Library)

American Literature

Library of America: Story of the Week

J. L. Borges' List

Leo Tolstoy's List

"The Great Books of 2066" by Mortimer Adler (Playboy, 1966)

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