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     Kekoa Tsukiyama
        Lead Vocal & Guitar

Kekoa's first vocal performance on a microphone for an audience and caught on tape happened on the eve of his third birthday. He grew up on Maui in a large family with strong musical roots dating back to his great grandparents and some of his family members including his grandmother were recording artists. Kanikapila on Sundays, holidays, and at virtually any family gathering is a family tradition. When he was six, he moved to Oahu. In the second grade, he sang his favorite Boys II Men song for his class. In middle school, he sang in a band with friends. In high school, he started to write his own songs, and in 2007 at 20 years old, Kekoa created CitySide. He is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, who aims to sharpen his skills in all of these areas of music. His taste in music is multifaceted which is evident in his performances. Growing up, he was strongly influenced by live local music but also by the radio and the vocals of Boys II Men, Immature, and KC & Jojo.

Devin Yamada
Ukulele, Vocals

Devin developed a serious passion for music during his senior year in high school holding jam sessions with friends at his grandpa’s hale. He started by playing the guitar but the ukulele became his instrument of choice. Back then, listening mostly to Reggae, Hawaiian, and R & B, he discovered his ability to recognize patterns and play songs that he heard on the radio. Then he started to read music and with that combination of knowledge, his love and skill for music flourished. His talent grew as he started to translate styles and play different instruments. He played in a band after high school, then became a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In his junior year at UHM, Devin became a part of CitySide. He graduated in the spring of 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in education psychology and is an exceptionally talented ukulele master.

Kekoa Onaga
Bass Guitar; Vocals

Kekoa O. and Kekoa T. have known eachother since elementary school. They became closer friends in middle school playing basketball for the Boys & Girls club of Honolulu. Then closer friends in high school playing basketball together for Kaimuki. Kekoa's musical roots stem from his father who played the bass guitar. His father's bass has hung on the wall of his home all of his life, so when Tsukiyama needed a bass player, he turned to Onaga. It was then in 2007 that Kekoa started to play the bass, and he was a natural talent. Learning to play came quick and easy. He also has the skill to sing harmony. He credits this talent to his mother, who took the family to Hawaiian church Ka Makua Mau Loa, where he learned to sing. He is currently a student at Honolulu Community college working towards an associate's of science degree in ac and refrigeration.

Solomon Makainai

In 2007, after recording their first cd, the guys were introduced to sol by studio engineer Tracy Terada.  Sol is an exceptionally talented drummer and being as young as the rest of the group, he fit right in and became the drummer. His musical roots are extensive including sibling Mailani of Keahiwai and hoku award winning solo artist. Sol is the youngest of the group, graduating from St. Louis high school in 2006. He is a master of his musical art and works for his familiy's business.

CitySide would like to express a big mahalo nui loa to Mr. Makainai (sol's father) for letting us hold band practice at his warehouse. Aloha no!