What if you could make global connections through art with students in another part of the world by creating visual art work and sharing it through the mail (snail mail, email, etc.)?  

You will be encouraged to be creative and develop cultural awareness which could inspire compassion and understanding of those who are different from us in some ways. 

You will be encouraged to appreciate differences and find similarities or common ground with others. 

You will use creative thinking skills to develop artwork  that communicates through a cross cultural venue.

This unit uses a combination of hands-on creation,and a variety of mobile media . Each student completes lessons  which includes skill-building, and challenges.

Essential Questions

  • How can students make connections with students from another part of the world through a variety of communication tools? 
  • Can art help me understand other subjects, themes, areas of interest?
  • How can I apply the creative process beyond this subject area? (other subjects, real world)