City Samanas

We are a jazz-rock instrumental trio that plays regularly in the Columbia Waterfront District in Brooklyn, NY.  Come out and see us some time, we would love to see you!!  Contact us through facebook and you will always know when & where we are playing next.

If you are wondering where the name City Samanas comes from (many people do)... 
'Samanas' are wandering ascetics seeking wisdom in Herman Hesse's book Siddhartha.  They were .  Siddhartha joined them as part of his journey in the book. Historians say, "Modern etymology derives the word Samana from 'striver', but the etymology of the time (2500 years ago) derived it from sama, which means to be 'on pitch' or 'in tune'."

These songs will give you an idea of what we sound like:

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We have played all around NYC including the following places:
  • The Hop Shop
  • B61
  • MikNic
  • New York Press Photographers Association Exhibit Opening, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014
    • Brooklyn Borough Hall
    • Agora Gallery in Chelsea
    • The Ukranian Museum in the East Village
    • Openhouse Gallery in Chinatown
Also we have played the Bolton Landing, Lake George area including:
  • Fredericks
  • The Algonquin

Here are some tracks with Drew Bellware sitting in with City Samanas: