the novel

When Alisha chose to write her thesis on the Children’s Crusade, it was just an adventure on paper. She never expected to become part of something similar. Stuck on a blank page, she tries her luck with a clean slate, only to get more than she bargained for. Two stories instead of one. With all the dark magical realism of a medieval tale. Only, one of them isn’t medieval.

1212   three crusades, three people, a forbidden love.

Born together, Azemar and Alazais share an uncommon bond. One that can only lead to unpardonable sin. When they secretly follow older brother Duran out of childish curiosity on a war against heresy, all three enter a nightmare that will define their lives. While Duran goes on to fight with the crusaders, Azemar and Alazais are forced to flee from them. Joining a Crusade of Innocents to the Promised Land, they are separated at sea, only to end up on the slave markets of the east...

2002   those who aren’t against us, are with us.

Some mortals are born with a guardian angel, but Alisha has reasons to believe hers plays on the other team. She always seems to loose her shoes, and only survives 9/11 because she is mugged on the subway. When she volunteers to teach English in Sudan, she’s about to put this to the test as never before. But a dusty village without water, a genocidal civil war, a 2000 mile barefoot trek across the desert, and a precarious illegal crossing into Europe on a rubber dinghy, pale in comparison to what awaits her there...

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background: Cordes-sur-Ciel, France