Mutare Religion
Spirituality and religion in Mutare Zimbabwe

t is estimated that between 40 and 50 percent of Zimbabweans belong to mainstream Christiandenominations such as the Roman CatholicAnglican, and Methodist Churches; however, over the years a variety of indigenous churches and groups have emerged from these mainstream denominations.[1]Evangelical denominations, primarily Pentecostal churches and apostolic groups, were the fastest growing group as of 2007.[1]

While the country is overwhelmingly Christian, the majority of the population continues to believe, to varying degrees, in indigenous religions as well.[1] Religious leaders also reported an increase in adherence to traditional religion and healers.[1]

Islam accounts for 1 percent of the population and continues to grow, particularly in rural areas where Muslim-led humanitarian efforts are often organized.[1] The remainder of the population includes practitioners of Greek OrthodoxyJudaism, and traditional indigenous religions.[1] There are also small numbers of HindusBuddhistsBaha'is, and atheists.[1]

While political elites tend to be associated with one of the established Christian churches, there is no correlation between membership in any religious group and political or ethnic affiliation.[1]

Foreign missionary groups are present in the country.[1]





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