Living in Mutare
Live like a king for les

People from Mutare are sometimes referred to as "samanyika" or simply "Samaz".  This is because Mutare Zimbabwe is in a region called Manyika (also known as Manicaland).

In Mutare, almost everyone speaks a local language called Shona. You can learn a few common phrases in Shona here.  Also, everyone in Mutare is conversant in English.

Most people in Zimbabwe lead humble lifestyles and in Mutare the cost of living in Mutare  is low compared to other cities of its size. Most of the housing is owned by the city council which leases the houses to Mutare residents. This is typical in the high density areas.

Middle class to high class housing is characterized by a big sizes, properties are erected on vast amounts of land and gated.

In the low density areas, houses are either leased or owned by the residents.

Zimbabwe (Cultures Of The World) (Library)In the high densities, (Sakubva) there is room for improvement on the housing system. However, this does not have any adverse effect on the people of Mutare who exhude the most hospitable spirit you will ever experience in you entire life. 

If you are visiting, there are world class  hotels peppered all over the city. Examples include the plush Mutare Holiday Inn hotel, Leopard Rock Hotel, Christmas Pass Hotel...the list is endless. For budget lodging, the city also offers a wide range of opportunities from clean highly maintained motels to homley cottages.

After a long day of work, the Mutare people typically gather at Beer Halls or pubs / bars for a sip.  Some of the most popular meeting places are Munowenyu (popularily known as Munos) in the heart of Sakubva, Night Shift, Chocolate City, Gullivers Club, Bulldog Pub, Maoresa, Madziro - on the outskirts of the city popular for BBQs.

Mutare brews its own state of the art opaque beer branded Kariba. You have to taste this drink if you go to Mutare! This baby tastes good and you must try it when you visit Mutare. It is unique as it is as thick as yoghurt so you have to shake it before you drink it. The locals simply call it the "Shake Shake". Whislt you are in Mutare, do  not miss the opportunity to taste the world acclaimed Zambezi lager.