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Welcome to Mutare

Hello friends

Thank you for visiting our website. (Mutare translation -Mwaita basa ngekuvhakacha muchisvike pamhatso yedu pamambure)

We are a group of current and former Mutare residents. Some of our members are tourists who have visited this beautiful city of Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Our goal is to market the city to the entire world. If you own a business in Mutare and would like to reach global markets, we can post your information on our website for free. Our email is greenback263@yahoo.com .We love Mutare, we love the beauty of the nature in this city, we love the humble and amazing people of Mutare, we just love everything about Mutare. We hope to use this website as a resource to reach out to former Mutare residents who are now based all over the world and the current residents of Mutare.

Content on this website is provided by residents of Mutare, (current and former), visitors of the city.

 Please do not forget to sign our guestbook here.

We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions.

Thanks to all our contributors.

With every good wish


Samanyika & Sons

Mwega munosekerera!