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Future Plans

As a non-profit group that consists primarily of passionate volunteers, we ask for your help and your support. Your donations help sustain engaging diverse communities in representing their voices as urban cyclists. There are many ways you can be involved in City of Lights.

If you have something in mind that relates to our program or if you would like to organize a class or a bike ride, let us know! We would like to know what skills or ideas you have!

We are starting bilingual bike maintenance workshops in this July, in partnership with the Bicycle Kitchen, a non-profit cooperative bike center that teaches people how to fix their own bicycles.

Our ultimate goal is to identify and empower individuals within Latino immigrant communities who may be interested in becoming bicycle advocates.

Here are some of our other ideas we have planned for 2009:

(1) We are planning on organizing a  day laborerbike ride in early September w/bands and food. Details will be posted in the near future.

(2) With the help of Metro (MTA) who just donated $1,000, we are planning on buying other safety related gear, such as helmets and locks.

(3) Collaborating with more social justice and immigrants' rights groups to help expand City of Lights.

(4) Getting funding from local government, business groups, and neighborhood councils.

(5) We are conducting a legal regulations workshop in August and will provide info to the day laborer cyclists as to how to challenge ticket discrepancies.

Stay posted!!