Member of the City of Lights team (Andy, Dorothy, and Allison), with CARECEN day laborer organizers (Jose, Manuel, and Jeronimo)   
¿Que Onda, Compa? One happy recipient of lights and a bike map

          ....¿Ay que interesante?


We would like to thank you for checking out our new website!

The reason why we have established this program is mainly because of the need we have seen with immigrant cyclists, primarily with Latino cyclists. Often we see in the streets of L.A the vast amount of immigrant cyclists who ride to and from work. But why aren't they a part of the bike community?

Many of them are not acknowledged as part of the bike community and as part of the "green" movement already taking place. Given the fact that there is global warming and major traffic congestion in L.A., it is important to begin building bridges with these cyclists who are unconsciously committing to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Their is no doubt in our minds that the potential for these cyclists to become local cycling advocates is there. That's why The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition created City of Lights to better help and nurture our Latin cyclist brothers and sisters to ride safer and create a more bike friendly community.

Many wonder what our program is about and why we do what we do? 

Our mission is simple and is stated below:

Our mission is to provide these cyclists with bike lights and safety information, with the aim of cultivating future advocates in this community.  The objective of City of Lights is to increase working-class Latino immigrant bicyclists’ safety and empower them to educate and spread bicycle safety information and advocacy to their communities.

Help us make this change together. For it is when we all work together on a common goal that we get things done!

You Can Make A Change!!

Check out Videos from our menu of 3 Different Workshops: Safety, Maintenance, and Legal Rights. We are available for hire to do these same workshops for other organizations, companies, or governmental agencies who are interested.

City of Lights Maintenance Workshop Video

City of Lights Safety Workshop Video


City of Lights Legal Rights Workshop Video