Welcome to City of Heroes Architecture!

With the release of Issue 14 for City of Heroes, thousands of players are diving into the new Architect mission creation system both as creators and players.  As a creator, the system is wonderfully robust and basic missions can be created fairly quickly.  That being said, the learning curve can be a bit steeper as one gets more ambitious, and finding the right balance between fun and challenge, creativity and space limitations, can be daunting at first.  As a player, wading through the thousands of available missions to find one that is both high-quality and suitable can be overwhelming. 

That's where this site comes in. 

The goal of this website is to provide a resource to CoX creators and players.  For content creators, we will be offering articles, Q&As, and other features geared to help you maximize your creation's potential.  For players, we will be offering detailed reviews that will help you find some of the best missions you might have missed and help you avoid those that need to go back to the drawing board. 

One of the keys to all of this is community participation.  So if you have a suggestion for an article or for a mission to review, send it in.  If you want to submit an article or review of your own, visit the submissions page and we'll get you started.  If you have ideas or comments on how we can improve the site, give us a yell.  This is going to be a site by the players for the players, so everyone's help is appreciated.

For now at least, send all questions, comments, suggestions, and submissions (after reading the submissions page) to LTenebrae@gmail.com

See you in the game!

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