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Street Sweeping
April 15-17
Please have vehicles off of the streets,
                                        Thank you!

City Wide Clean Up Days
May 11-15
The city will pick up one item at no charge.
The second item or more items will cost $15.00 each.
Old tires may be dropped off at Hancock Co-op for $4.50 per tire.
Any electronic item will have a fee of $15.00
Please have your items on the boulevards. 



Your water lines may be at risk of freezing during prolonged periods of bitter cold. 

  • Monitor the weather reports for extended periods of sever cold; then take action.
  • Allow warm air to circulate in the area where the water comes in to the house.
  • Leave utility room doors open and clear space around the waterline.
  • Run your cold water closest to the water line entry point for a couple of minutes and then take the temperature of the water.
    • If it is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit it is recommended that you let your cold water run from this faucet at a pencil thickness
    • You should run it non-stop when there is no one home, overnight when temperatures typically dip lower, or no water is being used for a period of time
If your water line freezes:
  • Use heat tape, a space heater (don't leave it unattended) or a warm hair dryer on the pipe.  Follow all safety precautions recommended. 
  • Watch for unintended consequences of sewer or septic backups if running water continuously.
The City of Hancock will not be responsible for water line freeze-ups.  Please monitor your water temperature and if it reaches 40 degrees, you should let your faucet run slowly to prevent freeze. 
Reminder: As temperature rises the frost goes deeper. 
Please continue to monitor your water even when the weather warms up.

Election Results for Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Linking to OSS Election Results
To link to a page with local results, simply navigate to the page you wish to display, and use that URL for linking
(Municipal Races – 26936 Hancock for Unoffical Results).

Hancock Shirts Available!


The Hancock Economic Development Authority will be selling t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts as a fundraiser.  Shirts to purchase will be available at the City Hall and can also be placed on an order basis. 
Pricing: T-shirts $14.00, Long Sleeve T-Shirts $22.00, Sweatshirts $45.00 (available by order only). 
All items will be available until November 1st.

Would you like to have your city bill emailed to you instead of receiving it in the mail?
Email the city office (cityofhancock@gmail.com) or call and receive your next bill by email!

No More Sorting
Recycling Information
Residential Curbside Recycling Collection Schedule 
Pick will happen on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
The recycling trailer will still come to town for rural residents.
For any additional information please contact City Hall
 or review the sticker on the top of your new container.


 The city of Hancock is facing the future with a bright new look.  It is a small town with a brilliant future.  A future that has been shaped by its past and many people who have made it the community it is.  A community with a strong history, confident present and positive look toward the future.

City of Hancock is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Complaints of discrimination should be sent to:

City of Hancock, PO Box 68, Hancock, MN 56244