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Monday, February 17

Compost Site Has Moved

New Location: 248 4th Street.

Items Accepted: Leaves, Grass Clippings & Garden Waste


                The snow removal policy for the City of Hancock is as follows:
                (policy also applies to icy conditions)

1.       A snow emergency will be declared by the City when a snowfall sufficient to impede traffic justifies snow removal (at least 2”). A snow emergency will be declared by the Public Works Director before the parking restrictions are in effect.

2.       A snow emergency shall remain in effect until Public Works Director or his designee has declared that the snow emergency is complete or the full 24 hours of the snow alert is completed.

3.       No vehicle shall be parked or be permitted to remain on any street, avenue, or alley in the City of Hancock after the announcement of the snow alert.  Vehicles must stay off until snow alert is canceled or expired.  There are snow emergency signs posted on all (5) five entrances into the City of Hancock and are the first streets to be cleared.

4.       Any violation to parking when a snow emergency is called shall be subject to a fine as set forth in the City Code, Chapter 6. Section 600.06.

5.       The snow emergency policy exists to expedite and make more efficient, snow removal in our community. Residents can greatly assist these efforts by keeping vehicles off of the streets, avenues, and alleys when it appears snow is likely.

6.       Residents are reminded of the following…

·         Sidewalks are to be shoveled within 24 hours after a snowfall.

·         Snow cannot be intentionally plowed or blown into a city street, alley or onto neighbor’s property. 

·         Please prevent children from building snow forts within 10 feet of the curbline, as wings on plow trucks extend past the curbline.

·         Keep children away from the street when plows are operating.

·         Maintain a safe driving distance behind the snow removal equipment.
        Equipment operators appreciate any courtesy you extend them during snow removal and sanding operations.

·         Advise out-of-town visitors of our snow emergency policy.

·         Any damage that is done on a city boulevard to sod or to trees planted will be taken care of by the City.

·         Any damage done to items on the boulevard put there by residents will be the responsibility of the home owner or tenant to repair or replace.
        (i.e. flowers planted either in planters or other decorative ornaments or to sprinkling systems)

·         Mailboxes must be 42” in height and even with the curb line.

·         If a mailbox is hit by the snow removal equipment and is damaged, the city will pay up to $30.00 to have it repaired or replaced. (Public Works Director will determine if damage is caused by snow removal equipment).

·         If a mailbox is damaged due to the snow, it is the responsibility of the resident to repair or replace.

·         All residents who have rural mail delivery must keep the area cleared of snow. Mail will not be delivered when a carrier cannot reach the mailbox. Please clean at least a 10’ area before and after the mail box to insure the carrier can get close enough to deliver the mail.

7.       If there are questions on any of the above, you can call the city office at 392-5285 or the city garage at 392-5360 during normal business hours.

                                                   Adopted by the Hancock City Council on May 13, 2013

                                                                                                              2018 Election Results




Subd 4. Unlawful Discharge to Public Sewers. No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged directly or indirectly any waste, by volume or strength or nature, may harm the wastewater treatment facility or cause obstruction to the free flow in sewers or endanger life or cause a nuisance.

In no case shall discharge to the sanitary sewer be permitted from March 15th to October 15th. 

Thank you!

Hancock Shirts Available!


The Hancock Economic Development Authority will be selling t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts as a fundraiser.  Shirts to purchase will be available at the City Hall and can also be placed on an order basis. 
Pricing: T-shirts $14.00, Long Sleeve T-Shirts $22.00, Sweatshirts $45.00 (available by order only). 
All items will be available until November 1st.

Would you like to have your city bill emailed to you instead of receiving it in the mail?
Email the city office (cityofhancock@gmail.com) or call and receive your next bill by email!

No More Sorting
Recycling Information
Residential Curbside Recycling Collection Schedule 
Pick will happen on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
The recycling trailer will continue to be located in town for rural residents.
For any additional information please contact City Hall
 or review the sticker on the top of your new container.


 The city of Hancock is facing the future with a bright new look.  It is a small town with a brilliant future.  A future that has been shaped by its past and many people who have made it the community it is.  A community with a strong history, confident present and positive look toward the future.

City of Hancock is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Complaints of discrimination should be sent to:

City of Hancock, PO Box 68, Hancock, MN 56244