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Important Message from the Mayor

(11/13/20) - The city employees and I attended an informational meeting via Zoom with the Wabaunsee County Health Department and Wabaunsee County Emergency Operation Center.  In attendance were representatives from the county school districts and other cities within the county.  We were informed of the rising COVID-19 positive cases in the county, there was discussion about how we as separate entities could work together to help slow the spread of the virus.  At this time, there are no mask mandates or business closings planned.  These orders would become necessary if the COVID-19 positive cases increase to a point that would be considered a public health emergency.  I am asking that we all take the necessary common-sense precautions to help us keep our numbers down.  It is the only way we can have a say in keeping our businesses and schools open.  The school district representatives are forming a joint awareness plan and we will support them in those efforts.

Yours Truly,
Mayor Maurice Baker

Welcome to Alma, KS

Welcome to the "City of Native Stone", a small community nestled in the heart of the Flint Hills, with a population of less than a 1,000 people. We are, however, a growing city and offer a great lifestyle for young and old, single and married, families with children and those without.

Alma was settled in 1858 by the Swedes, the English, the Irish, and the Germans, whose heritage is still very strong. Their Teutonic names are still very prominent among many of our residents. Prior to 1858 the town had been settled by the Pottawatomie Tribe.

We have excellent opportunities for those that enjoy the outdoor life with the countryside having abundant wildlife such as quail, prairie chicken, and deer. In addition we are within a 40 mile drive to three of our main area lakes which offer excellent camping, both RV and tent, as well as fishing and hiking. Alma is also part of the Scenic Mill Creek Drive and Native Stone Scenic Drive. Both offer beautiful views of the rolling Flint Hills.

The commute to Fort Riley, Junction City, Manhattan and Topeka is relatively easy, with the main highway (I-70) being approximately 3 miles from town.

Alma is proud to be the Wabaunsee County seat. For more information on Wabaunsee County see the Wabaunsee County Economic Development's web site at

We would like to thank LASR (Leisure and Sport Review) for many of the pictures found on this web site, as well as the valuable information that they provided on the Stone Houses.

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