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City Dental College currently consists of 4 high-rise buildings at Malibagh Chowdhury para with total floor space 30300 sq.ft.  All departments and offices are air-conditioned. Teachers and students forum : At the beginning of each session Teachers and students forum shall be formed by the academic council. This forum shall meet at least once in every month to discuss about academic affairs.
Library :

The total number of books is over 5863 and is constantly replenished. It subscribes to over 855 journals and 45 magazines and has a separate reference and journals section. The library also has a separate study room.

CDC library uses a modern database using CDS/ISIS. Users may find research materials, slides and A/V Cassettes, and search a number of CD-ROM database.

Guardians Advisory Forum :
The Guardians advisory forum and the academic council seats together twice a year and discuss about the academic program and development of the college.
Department of Career Services: CDC established the Department of Career Services (DCS). Major functions of this department are:

Internship Placement: It allows students to get an exposure to professional life in their field of study. Here they are guided by the senior professionals to tackle a lot of acute & chronic medical problem.                                                                                                                                                                                      Job Placement & Job Search: The department assists graduates search and find suitable jobs either immediately after graduation or over a period of time.

Study Abroad Program: DCS maintains a library which contains reference materials and book about TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT. It also has catalogues, flyers and information brochures of universities in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Student’s Participation :


Duty Student: 
From each class one student will be selected as duty student. He will be provided 3with a special badge which he will have to put on all the time. He has to report to the Principal and Director about nay matter he thinks to be modified.

He will list any complain or suggestion of his fellow class students and communicate them to the authority.


Students committee:
A student committee will be selected by the authority who will discuss matters of importance with the Authority

Student’s Extra-curricular Activities : CDC students have excellent in co-curricular and extra curricular activities From organizing seminars and symposiums to debating and impromptu, from drama to music, from publishing journal every semester to contributing poetry and articles to the national dailies, and from donating blood and cornea administering polio vaccines, they participate in a whole gamut of activities.
These clubs are:

Debating Club

Cine & Drama Club

Games & Sports Club

Cultural Club

Computer Club

Earth Club

Photography Club

Social Services Club

English Club

Co-Curricular Activities :


By monthly get together of the students, guardians and teachers will be-held.


Cultural week is held in every year which includes indoor games competition, literature and cultural activities.


Debating club, cultural Society and Literature Club is also active.

The Advisory Council : The Advisory Council and the teachers & students forum shall meet every 3 months to discuss about the various activities of the college.
Dental Camp : Every month a group of Dental surgeon along with students will arrange a camp in an under-developed area and arrange for necessary treatment for poor people free of charge.
Hospital :

The college has a six-storied hospital building comprising of well-furnished 100 general beds, 2 full fledged well equipped O.T., a modern X-ray unit, a fully equipped modern laboratory and all other modern equipment, and 35 modern dental unit. The charges for the patient are very reasonable for the common people, so that patients can avail proper services of the college and also the students can learn practically. The hospital is fully academic and has been made non-profitable, so as to attract patients who can be examined by students. No compromise on the quality of the laboratories and different medical equipments will be made.

Any doctor or student who will put a demand of any instrument to be bought, whatever be the price, the thing will be procure.

Research Cell : A research cell will be established in the college. If any research project of outstanding merit is submitted by a student or teacher, grant will be provided so that he can work on it.