Get Involved

Become a Citrus Shepherd 

Our Citrus Shepherds are the corps that make this project possible.  Each adopted site has one or more folks that "shepherd" the citrus trees.  

Each site has one or more folks that "shepherd" the citrus trees.  These volunteers water the trees when needed, and generally maintain the trees and the areas beneath them.

We provide support, maintenance guidelines and information to our network of Citrus Shepherds.

Join the Harvest Program 

Our Harvest Program strives to bring neighbors together to distribute locally grown fruit to local food pantries and organizations serving those in need.

Property owners can register their fruit trees with City Citrus and volunteers can sign up for a Pick Event yet to be determined this fall.

City Citrus will match growers with pickers and facilitate the delivery of the harvest to our local community.

Volunteer with City Citrus 

Do you want to get your hands in the dirt?

Would you like to help maintain an existing City Citrus site by mulching, watering and fertilizing?  Sign up for a service day at one of our ten local sites.

Are you more interested in putting trees in the ground?  Submit a Volunteer Form to be contacted during our planting season that runs from mid-February through April 2015?