About the Movement...


CITY CITRUS is a project originating in Baton Rouge, LA.  Its framework is flexible and scalable.  Its mission is simple:  

To support the planting of fruit trees that will be maintained and harvested by the community for the health of our citizens and beautification of our city.

We help citizens, communities, business, groups, and other entities maximize the potential of underused urban and sub-urban spaces.  We use citrus trees to realize this potential.  Why?  Because several varieties of citrus do great in Louisiana.  These plants make for well behaved urban trees that provide a nutritious, fresh food, as well as providing aesthetic a-peel.

 What we do:                                                  

We assist you in establishing sustainable mini-groves in urban and suburban areas.  CITY CITRUS will provide these basic services:

  • Determine the viability of your site.
  • Help your group determine the number of trees it wants to plant and to shepherd.
  • Assist you in planning and laying out your group's site.
  • Show  your group how to plant and to establish its citrus trees correctly.
  • Help your group procure regionally-grown citrus trees.
  • Provide your group with guidelines and training on how to maintain and shepherd your site.
  • Provide your group with outreach support and information.  Problems may arise; we are here to help you solve them.