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The CIT Toolbox combines several proprietary swing, pattern and trend indicators designed to give users a complete and unique trading and technical analysis perspective, applicable to any instrument in any time frame.

CIT stands for Change In Trend. One of the main goals of traders and analysts is to determine whether a trend exists in the first place, and second, to determine whether the trend is likely to continue or is about to end. In order to help you complete this task quickly, consistently and objectively, we are including SIX customizable indicators which can be used on their own, or with any other of your favorite indicators.. Although they cover different aspects of technical analysis, the indicators included in the Toolbox seamlessly work with each other as they all share one simple goal: to help you avoid analysis paralysis, and to keep you on the right side of the trade under any market conditions. They are simple to understand and use, yet accurate, effective and easy to apply in making trading decisions. Incorporating them into your trading arsenal will help you avoid the inherent distortions in your thought and analytical process which impact the way you make decisions that cause predictable errors in trading

The six indicators in the CIT Toolbox package are:

1. CIT Angles

2. CIT Bars

3. CIT Pivots

4. CIT Signals

5. CIT Trend

6. CIT SwingT

By clicking on each of the indicator names you will be redirected to a more detailed explanation of their purpose and application.

Please note that we update the indicators on a regular basis in order to make them more powerful and user friendly.

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