Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2010 Projects at CITP

The Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University is a joint effort of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy.  The Center addresses a variety of public policy topics by engaging in hands-on technology research and development.  The Center has become internationally known for a variety of work, including copyright/DRM, voting machine technology, network security, open government, and privacy.  CITP is unique in its interdisciplinary focus, combining the social sciences with engineering.

The Center is currently engaged in many software development projects, three of which are strong candidates for summer work:

RECAP: RECAP is a free extension for Firefox that improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts. (site) (ideas)

FedThread: FedThread is a project that enables collaborative annotation, advanced search, and customized feeds of the Federal Register.  (site) (ideas)

All Our Ideas: All Our Ideas is a platform that enables groups to collect and prioritize ideas in a transparent, democratic, and efficient way. (site) (ideas)

  1. Do I have to come to Princeton?
    • No, but if you do we can give you office space and you can play in our weekly poker game.
  2. Who can I email to ask other questions?