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2012. Boulder, Colorado

This first meeting of ToF-CIMS users was hosted by the Jimenez Group at the University of Colorado, Boulder on Thursday, March 29 through Saturday, March 31 2012.



  • The formal meeting will run Thursday - Saturday, March 28-30.  
  • A public symposium on chemical ionization MS will be held on Thursday, March 29th, from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.
  • There will be a group dinner for all AMS and ToF-CIMS meeting attendees on the night of Wed, March 28.
  • We will arrange a location for informal discussions by users on the morning of Sunday, April 1.

  Morning    (8A-12P)Afternoon / Evening (1P-6P)
 Wed, March 28                         
  • Group dinner for AMS and ToF-CIMS Meeting attendees at Sherpa's in downtown Boulder (see map below for location)
 Thurs, March 29 Status quo
  • Breakfast (8A-8:30A)
  • Welcome, and development overview (Joel K., 30 min)
  • Introductory Presentations by Groups in Attendance (5 min each, 60 min total)
  • MOVI status (John J., 30 min)
  • Igor Analysis Development Status (Harald S., Mike C., 30 min)
  • TofTools introduction (HJ, 20 min)
  • CI-MS Research Symposium: Invited Speakers, Open to Public (See details below)
 Friday, March 30 Instrument Operation
  • Breakfast (8:30A-9A)
  • Acetate (120 min, moderator: Tim B.):
    • Clean ion generation, secondary ion chemistry, calibrations and backgrounds, best practices, sensitivity (calculated, predicted, measured), applications
    • User contributions
  • Other ion chemistries, part 1 (60 min, moderator: TBD):
    • Water (clusters, applications, ...)
    • User contributions
  • Other ion chemistries, part 2 (60 min, moderator: TBD)
    • I-, NO3-, ...
  • MOVI (90 min, moderator: Reddy Y.)
    • Best Practices, Calibrations (Reddy Y., Felipe L., 60 min)
    • Existing field data (30 min)
  • General user contributions (90 min)
  • Igor software preparation (15 min, optional individual time)
 Saturday, March 31 Data Analysis
  • Breakfast (9A-9:30A)
  • Igor Tutorial and Clinic (Harald S. 120 min)
  • User contributions/questions (60 min)
  • High Resolution Analysis (Harald S., 60 min)
  • Peak Lists (Puneet C., Heikki J., 60 min)
  • Specific analysis needs: MOVI, etc.
 Sunday, April 1
  • Informal meetings of users with access to conference rooms and Jimenez TOF-CIMS

Research Symposium

The symposium will take place on Thursday afternoon from 1:30 - 5:30 pm with a coffee break and will focus on Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry. It will be advertised to the general public.
Invited Speakers Include:
  • Joel Thornton (Univ. Washington)
  • Tim Bertram (UC San Diego)
  • Jim Roberts (NOAA)
  • Joost de Gouw (NOAA/CIRES)
  • Mikael Ehn (FZ Jülich)
  • Doug Worsnop (Aerodyne)
  • Jim Smith (NCAR)


Boulder is approximately 1 hour west of Denver International Airport (DEN) by car. Buses runs frequently between Boulder and the airport (AB Route Schedule) and Super Shuttle has regularly scheduled vans.

All meetings will be held in the Ekeley Sciences Building on the University of Colorado campus.

Boulder ToF-CIMS Meeting

Post Meeting Survey

20 of the 45 meeting attendees completed the post-meeting survey.