Watch Office Season 2

watch office season 2
    season 2
  • The American situation comedy television series Friends was broadcast in 236 episodes over 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. The series was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, developed by Crane, Kauffman and Kevin S.
  • British Airways 5390 · Atlantic Southeast Airlines 529 · Air France 8969 · Bashkirian Airlines 2937 and DHL 611 · American Airlines 965 · Avianca 52
  • "A Good Opportunity" · "The New Cup" · "The Tough Brets" · "Murray Takes It to the Next Level" · "Unnatural Love" · "Love Is a Weapon of Choice" · "Prime Minister" · "New Zealand Town" · "Wingmen" · "Evicted"
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The Aud main entrance box office hdr
The Aud   main entrance box office hdr
A shot of the old "Aud"s box office windows, I was kicked out of here after this shot LOL The front door was open the whole time I was walking around shooting and when I had completed the whole exterior I went and did the two lobby shots thru the open door. I ventured inside and made the one shot of the box office windows when a worker showed up and then kicked me out. Police were there too LOL The War Memorial Auditorium , here in Buffalo,NY the city has just started demolition of the old place and I will be shooting as often as I can to record the process. It was a place I spent many days and nights. I've watched many sports teams there including being a season ticket holder ( 5 seats for myself-wife-2 kids and M-I-L ) for both the Buffalo Stampede and the Buffalo Sabres until it closed. They also had many AWESOME concerts here. I saw bands from 1968 ( Jimi Hendrix opening for The Monkees -> WTF ??? ) up to when it closed. Other bands we saw there multiple times were: Frank Zappa , Pink Floyd , The Grateful Dead , Eagles / Don Henley , Eric Clapton , ZZ Top , Alice Copper , Fleetwood Mac , King Crimson , Savoy Brown , Jethro Tull , Foghat , Peter Frampton and a ton of others. Led Zepplin was in there too LOL The Aud info Opened October 14, 1940 Owner City of Buffalo Construction cost $2,700,000 Architect Green and James (1939) Capacity : Basketball: 18,000 Hockey: 16,433 Concerts - almost 20,000 - my estimate including floor seating Sport Tenants Buffalo Bisons (AHL) (1940-1970) Buffalo Sabres (NHL) (1970-1996) Buffalo Braves (NBA) (1970-1978) Buffalo Stallions (MISL) (1979-1984) Buffalo Blizzard (NPSL) (1992-1996) Buffalo Stampede (RHI) (1994-1995)
"The Office" Severance Package
"The Office" Severance Package
While walking around Best Buy with Adam, Stacey, and I, Cathy saw this and raved about how awesome NBC's "The Office" is. She bought this Best-Buy-exclusive set and we went back to Adam's and watched the entire first season. She was right: It was SO much fun! Adam and I loved how cool this gift set was, so we went back to Best Buy 2 days later, and they were sold out! We drove to the next closest Best Buy, who had 4 left, and chipped in together to pick up one of our own. The DVD set comes with: - Season 1 on DVD - Season 2 on DVD - A 2007 pocket calendar filled with doodles and photos - A Dunder Mifflin (the name of the fictitious company from the show) notepad, pen, and pad of sticky notes - A magnetic business card for Dwight - The whole set is housed in a cardboard filing box Adam's Dad's computer desk made for an attractive office-like setting for the photo. ;)

watch office season 2
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