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watch chinese movies online
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  • The Chinese-language cinema has three distinct historical threads: Cinema of Hong Kong, Cinema of China, and Cinema of Taiwan. After 1949 and until recent times, the cinema of mainland China operated under restrictions imposed by the Communist Party of China.
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282. October 9, 2011
282. October 9, 2011
hey[: alrighty then. today was just another boring day. woke up around 11ish. ate Cuban bread for breakfast<3 then i just layed in bed, & watched movies all day. i wasn't hungry for lunch. so i just waited till dinner time to eat. which i had Pei Wei{:<3 i was craving chinese food ! so i ordered my food, my g-ma's food, & my brother's food online. & me & my bro went to go pick it up. after we picked it up, my brother offered to buy drinks for me & him at Publix. but they didn't have what they wanted. so we went to Winn Dixie. so it took us a while for us to finally go home & eat. i was starving lmao xD so now i'm just watching Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part: 1<3 oh about todays picture, it was my fortune that i got. i like it lol[: that's why its todays picture lol. but yea, that's pretty much it. PeAcE<3
The Mothman Prophecies (Chinese movie poster)
The Mothman Prophecies (Chinese movie poster)
????????? Ni queding kanjian guo ta ma? Did you actually see him? ?????????????? Kan guo de ren yongyuan mei you jihui shuochu zhenxiang People who saw him never have the chance to tell the truth. Mothman Museum Point Pleasant, WV July 19 2009

watch chinese movies online
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