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Citizen Watch Review

citizen watch review
    citizen watch
  • is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 and is currently known as the manufacturer of CINCOM precision lathe machine tools as well as CITIZEN watches.
  • an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)
  • look at again; examine again; "let's review your situation"
  • reappraisal: a new appraisal or evaluation
  • A periodical publication with critical articles on current events, the arts, etc
  • A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary
  • A critical appraisal of a book, play, movie, exhibition, etc., published in a newspaper or magazine

Zodiac - 94(365)
Zodiac - 94(365)
Last night we went to see Zodiac, a loving drama of a troubled lad who liked to brutally slay humans in California's Bay Area circa the late 1960’s/early 70’s. The Zodiac lived in Lisa's home town, so she was fired up to see some good local shots. However, while she is only 24 (25 in 5 days), she has the energy level of a senior citizen, with paralysis, and thus the late show was way passed Ms. Boomer’s bed time. That coupled with the fact that we had just eaten 3 gigantic Enchilada Mole Poblanos each, had her slumping like a corpse (situational pun) in her seat. The only thing keeping her awake... her extreme fear of scary movies. The Review: Now, let me preface this review with a little fact: I hate the theaters with all the passion of the christ (movie pun). However, even at its lengthy 2 hours and 40 minute span I did not mind sitting still watching investigators track the elusive media whore killer throughout his vicious rampage. The kid from Donnie Darko (an even better movie), was excellent playing the socially inept cartoonist by day, obsessed serial killer hobby cop by night. That turtle looking doctor from ER was semi disappointing as the sidekick cop, however, his partner, Mark (I play a dorky unassuming heart throb in all my other gay films) Ruffalo delivered some shockingly impressive thesbianism. The show was, however, stolen by none other than Mr. Robert Downey Jr. playing a fringe of society, social alcoholic, drug using reporter, who becomes deeply and emotionally involved in tracking the killer. While this role is certainly not a stretch for the fringe of society, social alcoholic, drug using actor, he still gives you your moneys worth and then some. Kudos to you Jr., you're one funny bastard. Conclusion: It's extremely difficult for a movie, let alone a suspenseful thriller, to be entertaining for 3 hours when everyone already knows its outcome going in. While dragging at points, Zodiac infuses a fine balance of humor and debilitating fear, delivering on its promise to show you the intricate details of a region gripped in the midst of an attention jailing horror story. Rating: I give this movie two thumbs up for historical reference, humorous moroseness, and character development. Side Note: Half way through the movie I inhaled... and to my utter amazement and surprise... my sense of smell returned!... With a fury. I went from smelling nothing, to overload. It was quite an amazing experience, and one that I never imagined would be so forceful. In one second I could smell an entire theaters worth of scents. After having no smell it was like having a super nose. It was fairly overwhelming. I apologize to those sitting around me that had to listen to me repeatedly inhale, with a loudness, for a solid hour. Today my smell is muted again, but not fully. I can smell... and its fantastic.
Suspended Animation #88
Suspended Animation #88
Pictured above are Poto and Platter Puss from my comic strip, Holiday Out. Suspended Animation Classic #88 Originally published Sept. 2, 1990 (#35) Why Read Comics? By R. A. Jones A well-meaning gentleman recently suggested that it might be a good idea to devote a column to explaining just why we think people should be interested in reading comic books. He had absolutely no idea how condescending and insulting his suggestion was. Think about it; it this column was devoted to reviews of the latest vacuous offerings to come from Hollywood, do you honestly believe anyone would suggest that we take the time to explain why you should bother to watch television or motion pictures? Of course not. But comic books suffer from a severe image problem. Most people dismiss them as being only for the very young or the very dumb. So, we’re asked to justify their existence. I’m reminded of the patronizing attitude displayed by some citizens of New York City. They will invariably point to their museums and to Broadway to show their cultural superiority – when, in truth, they have probably never darkened the door of a museum nor seen a play in person. So it is with people’s attitude toward comics. They scoff at them because they are not true “literature” – even though these people have probably not read anything with true literary value since they were forced to wade through “Hamlet” in high school. To be honest, comics have not produced a great work of art yet, and possibly never will. It is also true that the vast majority of comics published will be of no interest to anyone over the age of 15. But there are those available that are excellent sources of entertainment for children and adults – as well as ones being used in remedial reading classes or as subject matter for college courses. And how would you ever find out about such books if not for a column like this? In a nation that is becoming more and more illiterate, we can’t afford to dismiss anything that still employs the written word.

citizen watch review
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