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Pike Road, AL, June 11, 2012 - Council member Tommy Brassell brought the financial resolution, presented by a group of Pike Road citizens, up for discussion during the Town of Pike Road town council meeting tonight. After a brief discussion the council agreed to review the proposed resolution bringing it back for further discussion and action at the July 9th town council meeting. We encourage citizens to contact the town leadership and encourage support of the current proposed resolution. We do not want a watered down version. We believe we must be a spend as we go town to prevent financial issues down the road. This would include avoiding debt.


Pike Road, AL, June 10, 2012 A group of citizens from the Town of Pike Road are asking the Mayor and Town Council to pass a financial resolution that outlines guidelines

for the town’s future financial management. The financial resolution drafted by the group ties the annual spending budget to tax collections, limits the increases to property taxes, and requires the town to be debt free by 2022. (See attachment for details or see the resolution at (http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/town-of-pike-road-financial-resolution/)


David Hughes, one of the members of the group of citizens that is calling for the financial resolution, stated at a recent meeting of the Foxwood homeowners association, “The resolution contains items that we as taxpayers feel are important.” He explained the resolution to the homeowners and asked for their support. “We know this is a daunting task and we expect to hear concerns from the Mayor and Council, but we feel given recent failures in other cities and counties we must draw a line in the sand to give our leadership guidelines.”


John Warden, another member of the group, echoed these comments, “We know we have a school to build which may (or may not) require some indebtedness. If we need to go into debt for the school, it ought to be something that is paid off quickly; thus, we are allowing debt until 2022 after which any existing debt must be paid off and no new debt incurred. We believe that the combination of debt and high taxes pose significant threats to our future and we want to do something now to keep Pike Road on a fiscally sane path.


The group plans to push for the resolution to be on a town council agenda in the near future.


Contact Information:

David Hughes

P.O. Box 640003



John Warden

225 Hunter Trail

Pike Road, AL 36064