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Volunteer Opportunities

 Citizen's Climate Lobby has been making progress. We need your help to stop the damage caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Whether you have an hour a month or several hours a week, you can make a difference.

Learn More: About Becoming a CCL Volunteer

Write to Members of Congress
CCL is all about building the political will in Congress to take action on climate change and support a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy. One of the most effective actions you can take is to write to your Members of Congress. CCL will teach you how.

Write a Letter to the Editor
One of the best ways to influence members of Congress and move the national conversation forward on solutions to climate change is to get letters to the editor published in local papers.

Call your Members of Congress
Members of Congress listen to what their constituents have to say. Call them and tell them you support Carbon Fee and Dividend. CCL will give you the phone number and help guide you if you need help with what to say.

Get An Endorsement from a Community Leader
Meet with leaders in your community and ask for their support in the Carbon Fee and Dividend policy. Send a letter of their support to Members of Congress to demonstrate that there is community support.

Start a New Hampshire CCL Group
There are currently four groups in New Hampshire. If there is not a CCL group near you, consider starting one. CCL will show you how.

Table an Event
Educate people on Carbon Fee and Dividend. Encourage them to take action. Tell people about their local chapter and how to join.

If you don't have time to volunteer but would like to help the cause, donate to Citizen's Climate Lobby.

How to Volunteer
Go to, use the 'Join US' button, and enter your contact information.  We'll be in touch soon!

However you choose to help clean up our planet, Citizen's Climate Lobby will train you and offer resources. Our strength is in our numbers and sharing the benefit of Carbon Fee and Dividend. Learn more and make a difference for our planet for future generations.