Citizens' Climate Lobby - New Hampshire

The Carbon Fee and Dividend solution will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels down to 50% of 1990 levels in 20 years, create millions of new jobs, protect household purchasing power, and increase real income for New Englanders.
We need your help to make it happen.

Citizens Climate Lobby is a national grassroots nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to create the political will to address climate change from fossil fuel use in the US and around the world
 are citizens speaking up for a livable world by promoting a beneficial, equitable, revenue neutral, market based solution.  Our approach is respectful, transparent, and persistent, and our influence is growing. We create political will through outreach to citizens and by building relationships and trust with local leaders, businesses, and Congress, making personal connections through shared values and goals.  Our solution does not raise taxes, so every member of Congress can support it. Our solution does not grow government, so every citizen can support it.

An independent study by Regional Economic Modeling Inc (REMI report) concluded that Carbon Fee and Dividend will result in the following benefits in the first 20 years:
  • Reduction of over 50% of CO2 emissions, and declining rapidly afterwards
  • Creation of 2.8 million jobs (net) across the economy
  • Addition of $1.375 trillion in GDP
Carbon Fee and Dividend works by gradually correcting the broken energy market, to let efficient free market forces drive the investment, business, and consumer changes required.  It does this by putting a steadily increasing fee on fossil fuel production at the source (well, mine, port of entry) based on greenhouse gas emissions, and returning all the money collected (minus administration costs) as a dividend to all American households on an equal basis each month. This dividend results in low income households coming out ahead, and most other households breaking even.  The additional spending by low income households this enables will grow the economy and jobs.  Border adjustment tariffs are applied as necessary to normalize production costs on imports and exports with countries that do not have a comparable price on carbon emissions, thereby protecting US jobs and strongly motivating the rest of the world to do the same.  This solution is supported by leading climate scientists and economists as an effective, efficient approach.

Find out more at under the 'About' and 'Our Climate Solution' top menu buttons.  If you want to help, tell Congress you want climate action now.  If you want to become more involved, click Join US!, submit your contact information, and CCL will connect you with a local CCL chapter.

CCL New Hampshire Chapters

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Citizens' Climate Lobby is organized into over 400 regional chapters.  For information about where they are, see:
More chapters be created in New Hampshire when we reach a critical mass of volunteers in local regions.  Would you like a chapter close by but don't see one yet?  Let us know and we'll help you set one up near you!

About CCL NH

We are students, professionals, parents, retirees and others who are volunteers of Citizens Climate Lobby who reside in or spend time in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire has a lot to gain from retaining the climate we know including a predictable water supply, stable coastline, livable summers, good ski seasons, a healthy maple syrup industry, and brilliant fall foliage. We also have a lot to gain from switching our energy source from fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives, including stabilizing and in the long-run reducing energy prices, keeping more of what we spend on energy in state, and creation of local clean energy manufacturing, installation, repair, and energy efficiency jobs.

Clean energy jobs will be a leading source of growth this century. The countries and states who make the best initial investments in this area will be leaders for decades to come. For example, as coal jobs continue to decline, solar-energy jobs are growing 12 times as fast as the US economy.

Citizens Climate Lobby has over 60,000 volunteers in over 400 local chapters.  The CCL NH chapters are our local effort in New Hampshire to help build the political will to enable Citizens' Climate Lobby's goal to protect our climate and our future by enacting federal Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation in 2017.

Find us on Facebook:  CitizensClimateLobbyNH

CCL is growing fast, and we need your help too!

June 13, 2017: 1000 CCL Volunteers Lobbied 
Five Hundred Congressional Offices

CCL NH Mission

  • Build a community and make connections between NH citizens concerned about climate change from fossil fuel use.
  • Help our state leaders anticipate a carbon pricing policy at the national level, and make strategic energy bets today that will pay dividends for residents and businesses in the state in the future.
  • Identify and act on opportunities for outreach to spread knowledge about (and gain vocal support for) the Carbon Fee and Dividend solution to address climate change.
  • Motivate civic, business, and local government engagement on the issue of climate change from fossil fuel use, and collect endorsements for carbon pricing principles in general or carbon fee and dividend federal legislation in particular.
  • Lobby Congress directly to prepare and enable them to pass Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation in 2017.
  • Reach and retain 20+ active chapter members in each chapter.
  • Grow citizen involvement in New Hampshire and create new sustainable CCL groups to service smaller, regional areas throughout the state.

Why We Are So Passionate