Jordan Cove Rock - Parody Song


(sang to Jingle Bell Rock)


1.)   Jordan Cove, Jordan Cove, Jordan Cove Rock


Safe as a judge………..sweeter than fudge


Jobs for the family….and other half-truths


A Little hot sauce in the Gin and Vermouth.


Jordan Cove, Jordan Cove, Jordan Cove Rock


Everything’s fine in Jordan Cove time


They don’t see a problem in Jordan Cove square


But we have  some questions there.


2.)   There’s no guidance….with subsidence


In the Cascadia Subduction Zone.


With your submerged self on the Continental Shelf


You’ll find Juan de Fuca is the only one home


Riding the edge of the Accretionary wedge


It doesn’t matter how much they dredge.


It’s all academic when a quake sinks the dock


And does the Jordan Cove Rock


3.)   Seismograph time is the right time


To blow the town away


To the unknown in the Subduction Zone


And it could happen any old day.


Nobody left to turn out the lights


Too late to turn back the clock.


You know it sounds  funny to waste all that money


On that Old Jordan Cove Rock


4.)   One day we’ll wake up with a new ship in our bay


Longer than the arm of the law you might say.


Stretching from Charleston clear to Empire


Loaded to the decks with  frozen liquid fire.


Protected  by Gun-Boats and   Paratus Coast Guard


I hope they don’t show their hole card.


The fishermen will scatter if they get run off


And do the Jordan Cove Rock.


5.)   It’s really not all that hard to understand


California needs gas more than we need our land


The Supreme Court ruling may be final you see


A good lawyer can delay for an eternity.


Make them prove they have a right to your property line.


Put the pipe-line where the sun doesn’t  shine.


Just say No…..See how  they  stand the shock

Doing the Jordan Cove Rock.