CATE 2017: Instrument details

The instrument for the 2017 CATE experiment has been defined.  Below we list the equipment needed for each CATE site.  The total cost of all of the site equipment is approximately $3700, but depends on which vendors are selected, etc.

NOTE: The CATE site equipment is not completely an off-the-shelf item... some assembly and modification is required.  The 8Gb RAM module must be inserted into the ACER laptop so that it has 16Gb of RAM.  Two hardware items must be modified: the GPIO cable and the GPS shield board must have jumper cables soldered to them.  Finally, each site must download a Matlab runtime executable, and must upload an executable to their Arduino.

80mm diameter, 500mm focal length APO refractor from Daystar Filters
Solar filter, Thousand Oaks #S4250
Camera adapter, C-mount to 1.25", Baader/Agena, #2958515
Solar pointer, Tele Vue / Adorama, #SSF-1006

Mount and Drive:
Telescope mount, Celestron Omni CG4, #91509
Motor drive for CG4 Celestron #93522

Camera System:
5 Mpix CMOS camera, Pt Grey GS3-U3-51S5M-C
GPIO Cable, Pt Grey, ACC-01-3000 (modifications needed)
USB3 Cable, Industrial #1673
USB2 Cable, Industrial, #UH2-2415
Arduino Uno, Rev 3, Mouser, #485-2877
Arduino Box, Karlsson Robotics, #PRT-10088
GPS Antenna, Banana Robotics, #BR010312
GPS Shield Board, ITEAD RoyalTek, #IM120417017 (modifications needed)
Arduino Jumper Cables, RobotShop, #RB-Dfr-353 (modifications needed)
Long female pin socket connector # 5831 (modifications needed)

Control Computer:
Core i5 laptop, 8Gby RAM, 256Gb SSD: Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-527J #NX.GHHAA.004
8 Gb RAM, Ballistic/Amazon #BLS8G4S240FSD (must be installed in laptop)
32 Gb USB Drive, Amazon/San Disk, #CZ48
Laptop external power

Software (optional):
Matlab at home license w/parallel computing toolbox, Mathworks Inc

Battery Power System for Long-term Use (optional):
Thunderbolt Magnum Solar - Item#68680 (Harbor Freight)
NOCO GC017 12V Plug Socket with Battery Clamp (
Ironton Power Inverter - 12V, 200W (Northern Tool and Equipment)
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