Do you know how to get the good stuff? Can you tell if it is the good stuff?? Do you know how to cite properly??
 What's new in MLA formatting - the quick version of what's new and different from Diana Hacker.    
mla.gif  Here's the new online manual for 7th edition MLA formatting.  You can visit the Purdue OWL MLA page for further citation guidance.
Very important: Although MLA no longer requires a URL for Web citations, we advise that you include URLs! Your teacher & your readers can easily refer back to your sources that way.
Here are some citation generating sites which will help you accurately cite your sources. REMEMBER -- garbage in, garbage out! If you are not accurately putting the information into the citation generator, it won't miraculously come out correct!
Knight Cite an interactive web tool designed to assist high school students in their effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.
Noodle Tools: an interactive notetaking, citation generating website that helps you to organize your research, create MLA bibliographies and outlines for your research.
Noodle Tools MLA Bib Express - a citation generator into which you simply copy and paste what you need into your document.
Bib Me! A free citation machine to help you cite your sources properly.
General Tips
Your "Works Cited" section should appear at the end of your paper and works should be arranged alphabetically by author (or title, if no author appears in the entry.) In this section you should list only works actually cited. (Your teacher may also request a list of Works Consulted for those materials you referred to but did not choose to cite. Technically those are resources or references.)

Other tips:
  • If no author is given, start the citation with the title.
  • Abbreviate the names of all months except May, June and July.
  • Indent the second line and all other lines 5 spaces (called a hanging indent)
Note: MLA recommends double spacing citations. Check with your individual teacher to determine their preference, although almost all here prefer double spacing.