The Citadel STEM Center of Excellence Ambassador Program

Thanks to a grant from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, The Citadel’s STEM Center of Excellence has launched the “STEM Ambassador Program” for Lowcountry math and science teachers. The professional development focuses on increasing interdisciplinary STEM content, STEM teaching pedagogies, 21st century skills and industry knowledge to advance student learning in STEM while inspiring and preparing students to pursue STEM-based careers. Educators participate in a year-long program and work with STEM education faculty and professionals as they engage in “real-time” professional development where their learning will be actively implemented in their classrooms. As a result, the participants’ students will develop skills necessary for success following graduation: content expertise, appreciation of the application of the content, presentation techniques, portfolio development, and 21st century skills.

Even after the year-long program, STEM Ambassadors will continue to get support from the STEM Center as they grow to become leaders and ambassadors of STEM learning and literacy at their home schools and districts. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about year 1 of the 5-year grant.