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Email ListServe open to all Citadel Alumni and friends of The Citadel in the Greater D.C. Area.

Policies. When you send a mail message to CCGW@CitadelNet.org, it will be forwarded to everyone who is subscribed to this list. The only "rules" are these:
  • Messages should be relevant to the list’s focus and in good taste.
  • Subject line descriptions should clearly indicate the content of messages, so list subscribers can quickly delete messages they’re not interested in as well as find relevant messages when searching the list message archives.
  • When you include a copy of a previous message with your reply, include only the parts that are directly relevant to your comments.
  • If you wish to send a private message to someone on the list, DO NOT send the message to CCGW@CitadelNet.org. For private communications use the persons direct Email address which is provided in the From: header.
  • PLEASE post an initial "welcome" message briefly stating some personal background information (name, class, family info, home, office, etc). This message should be posted to the list CCGW@CitadelNet.org. Please read the List Policies above before engaging in discussion. In addition, familiarize yourself with how the list operates. It’s a good idea to save this page somewhere so you know how to unsubscribe.
  • Attachments are NOT permitted on the List Serve!

How to Join. Complete the CCGW ListServe Access Request Form below. You will be contacted by Randy Brooks '77 regarding your request.

CCGW ListServe Access Request