Citadel Minority Alumni Association

posted Aug 28, 2015, 8:19 PM by Mat Polutta

Dear Citadel Minority Alumni:

Over the last two years, we’ve had the pleasure of attending minority alumni events during the week of Homecoming with the hope of forming a minority alumni group that is formally recognized by The Citadel. As a result of the enthusiasm expressed by those attending these events, a small group of minority alumni involved in organizing the Homecoming events formed the Citadel Minority Alumni Association Steering Committee which consists of other interested minority alumni along with senior members of The Citadel Foundation (TCF) and the Director of the Citadel Alumni Association (CAA) with the support of the Board of Visitors and Lt Gen Rosa. As a committee, we understood that there were significant issues that made it difficult for some minority alumni to financially support The Citadel. As a group, a very low percentage of minority alumni have made financial contributions in support of the college. We also understood that this reluctance to contribute, in addition to our low enrollment in the CAA, are contrary to our goal of having a greater voice as it relates to cadet life and policy-making at our alma mater. While this has been the case in the past, I am happy to report the Steering Committee has laid the necessary groundwork required to increase our collective presence while simultaneously supporting minority cadets, the CAA and The Citadel as a whole.

In an effort to support the mission of the Citadel Minority Alumni Association (CMAA) and to provide funding opportunities that minority alumni can support, the Steering Committee with the assistance of Mike Capaccio, Vice President of The Citadel Foundation, has developed four scholarship funds that are designed to support minority cadets in different fields of endeavor to include: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Liberal Arts and Athletics. A fund to support The Citadel’s Office of Multicultural Student Services led by LTC Robert Pickering has also been created. Please click the link below for an overview of each fund. We are pleased to inform you these scholarship funds are posted on the TCF website and available for contributions today.

In order to distribute scholarships to cadets as soon as possible, the Steering Committee is asking that The Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarship be funded first for two reasons. The first is that it includes students majoring in the Liberal Arts which represent the largest population of minority cadets at the college. The second reason is that a minimum of $50,000 must be raised in order to allow the initial distribution of scholarship awards. Given this fact, it is far better to jointly fund The Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarship and have cadets receive dollars in the very near future as opposed to spreading our contributions across several funds which will likely lengthen the time to the awarding of scholarships. We understand that some minority alumni may have strong preferences toward a particular scholarship fund and would like to give accordingly, which is certainly reasonable. Our goal in making this suggestion is to get funds to minority cadets identified as financially in need as soon as possible.

Now more than ever, our minority cadets need your mentorship and scholarship support. As a minority alumnus, you can feel confident that your generous gift(s) to the aforementioned scholarship funds will go towards making a difference in the life of a minority cadet and will be used in accordance with each fund’s purpose. It is our firm belief that our contributions as a collective group coupled with our communicating with a unified voice, will provide long term rewards to cadets, minority alumni and The Citadel’s continued commitment to educate and develop students to become principled leaders in all walks of life. We hope you will join in supporting one or all of the listed scholarship funds while also working to increase minority participation in the CAA. Thank you in advance for your generous contributions.

With kindest regards, 
Lamont A. Melvin, PhD, MBA ‘91 
Member, The Citadel Minority Alumni Association Steering Committee

Citadel Minority Alumni Scholarship Funds

The Citadel Minority Alumni Association Steering Committee Voting Members:
1LT Edwina McGill, ‘05; Jamie Jenkins, MSL, MBA., ‘98; Lamont André Melvin, PhD, MBA, ‘91;
Xavier Starkes, Esq., ‘84; LTC Robert Pickering, ‘94; BG GEN Wayne Black, ‘84; Maj. Tevan Green, USAF, Ret., ’00; MAJ. Pierre Glover, ’03; Ken Williams, ‘89