Job Skills Readiness Testing

Getting serious about that job search? Starting a new job? Well I’ll tell you from experience that there are certain things you must know before you start that new job. Landing a new job can be fun, especially if the remuneration and working conditions are more desirable compared to what you’ve been getting previously. But wait, I mean stop right there! You want to make a good start on your first day? Like making a good impression of yourself to the boss, senior colleagues, and other members of staff? Then it might interest you to take the following quiz and consider the tips offered.


Lastly, I must remind you to remember friends and family will be dying to know how you are coping at your new work place: it is best to avoid making or receiving any personal phone calls or email on your first day at work. Remember it is wrong to start asking questions about holidays and going home time either. Above all this, remember you are who you are, be yourself, no pretense, remain hard working and in no time you’ll start climbing your career ladder by just knowing all this tips before you start that new job.


ALL the best, and Good Luck!

JRT Assessment

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