Post Secondary Options

Deciding what to do after high school is a challenge for any student. The choices are many—continuing education, getting vocational training, finding a job, or juggling part-time work and classes. It’s also at this time that many young people first think about moving away from home.

You probably already know that the amount of education you have can broaden or limit your career options. It can determine whether you can find employment, the type of careers available to you, your chance of finding a career you enjoy,  and how much money you earn.  
Research shows that completing some type of post-secondary education, 
including vocational-technical training leads to higher earnings, higher self-
esteem, more meaningful employment, and economic self-sufficiency. 
Very few high school students are certain about what job or career they 
would like to enter. Even for those students who believe they have settled 
on a career field, in our information economy, the norm will be to experience 
several jobs or careers over a lifetime of work. In such a climate of change it 
is clearer than ever that going to college or gaining specialized training after 
high school will dramatically increase one's chances of living a financially 
comfortable life as an adult. 
Education pays!

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