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Career Advancement & Retention

Looking for a job is not that easy as some people might think, it involves a lot of work, determination and a bit of luck . Preparing for your job search increases your chances of success. Learn how to deal with the various aspects of a job search, and then what to do once you've got the job.
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Compiling a résumé does not have to be difficult. You can avoid making its preparation a headache by following the four easy steps in this resume guide. This handbook can be referred to again and again as your resume changes with you job search.

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Post Secondary Options

High school graduates have many choices to consider when deciding what to do for the next few years of their life. This guide informs readers about the variety of post secondary options available.

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Does the thought of answering questions about yourself give you an uneasy feeling? Many people are uncomfortable thinking about being interviewed. You are not alone. This guide will take you through the steps of preparing for any interview situation.

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