Reading is the single most important activity for school preparation.

Research shows that a child’s capacity to learn is developed very early in life. Literacy skills such as letters, names, shapes, associating sounds with letters, being read to, familiarity with books and associating reading with fun are developed long before a child is able to read. And, educators have long emphasized that parents reading to their preschool-aged children is the single most important activity to prepare a child for school.

Entertainer Dolly Parton created the Imagination Library, an early literacy program, to ensure access to age-appropriate books and inspire parents to read to their children. A committee composed of individuals from education, child development, academia and early childhood literacy selected the books for Dolly’s Imagination Library.

Children who are registered for the program receive a book every month until their fifth birthday. If a family has more than one pre-school aged child, each child may participate and receive his/her own library. Books arrive monthly through the mail and are addressed to the child.

In October 2006, CIS of Juneau, the Association for the Education of Young Children of Southeast Alaska (AEYC) and CIS of Alaska established an Imagination Library in Juneau. Currently, 1200 children are enrolled in the program.

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