Welcome to the Confederacy
Formed by various planetary and sectorial governments, as well as some mega-corporations, the Confederacy of Independent Systems is a mid-sized Government based in the Expansion Region, Mid and Outer Rims of the Galaxy.  Commonly referred to as the CIS, the government is tasked with keeping systems under its jurisdiction safe and productive, as well as bringing culture and enlightenment to these less fortunate area of the Galaxy.  The CIS is currently the governing power of the Ciutric, Esstran, Hervvrol, Illisurevimurasi, Mondress, Morshdine, Nijune, Sprizen, Thesme and Xappyh Sectors. 

While the CIS originally fought the Galactic Republic for independence throughout the Outer Rim, the government currently favors neutrality when it comes to the Galactic Civil War.  The CIS does enjoy having diplomatic relations and discussions with many groups throughout the galaxy.  Please feel free to survey our site for information on both the CIS faction, employment opportunities and information on our Allies.  If one has questions regarding the Confederacy or has interest regarding possible membership, please contact the current Head of State or Faction Leader.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems is a Proud Member of the Galactic Concordiate

The Galactic Concordiate is the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy and spans over 35 sectors and 650 planets. Founded on Year 14 Day 103 with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti, members of the Concordiate are determined to meet the conditions of a volatile and hostile galaxy in common cause. Members  have agreed upon a path of mutual cooperation to the further the goals of peace, neutrality, and, prosperity.  The CIS joined the Alliance and signed the Second Treaty of Forsetti in Year 21.  


The CIS and it's allies strives to provide the best services at the most affordable price.  Currently, the only service we offer to the general public are datacard rentals and planet tax management.   Our affiliated and licensed corporations do offer additional services, as outlined on this site.   It is recommended to discuss those matters with the leader of that individual corporation.  If you would like to discuss hiring our group for security sweeps or other political business, please contact the current Head of State.


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