Welcome to the Confederacy
The Confederacy of Independent Systems, commonly referred to as the CIS, is a unique group built upon an alliance of independent factions. The Alliance, centered on trade and advancement of each allied faction, was founded in Year 11 and grew to be one of the largest non government centered alliance in the galaxy.  The Government was founded from this Alliance and still stands today.  Confederacy is tasked with keeping the systems safe and productive, as well as bringing culture and enlightenment to the less fortunate area of the Cularin, Ciutric and Mondress Sectors.

While the CIS is Neutral, it does enjoy having diplomatic relations and discussions with many groups throughout the galaxy.

The CIS is constantly working to better itself. Please feel free to survey our site for information on both the CIS faction, employment and our Alliance. Factions with questions regarding the Confederacy or with interest regarding possible membership, please contact the current Head of State of the Confederacy.


The CIS and it allies strives to provide the best services at the most affordable price.  Currently, the only service we offer to the general public are datacard rentals. If you would like to discuss hiring our group for security sweeps or other political business, please contact the current Head of State.


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