What others have said about Cis

FootFall Dance Weekend (Virginia):

The exuberant and delightful Cis Hinkle is known for her welcoming manner, clear instructional style, and unerringly appropriate choice of dances. Her smoothly flowing contras and lively squares will delight dancers of every skill level.

Chesapeake Dance Weekend (Maryland):

Cis Hinkle calls irresistible contras and squares with playful enthusiasm. Hailing from Atlanta, Cis is a passionate caller (who loves to dance!) and a talented instructor.

Rhapsody Sunday in San Rafael (California):

And furthermore, there’s Cis! Think of your favorite qualities in a caller, and chances are Cis Hinkle embodies them. She’s from Atlanta, where contra is taken seriously, and she combines flawless technique with an infectious sense of fun. She makes calling seem so effortless you’d swear anybody could do it, her juxtaposition of dances is masterful, and she is one of the most attuned callers to the dancers and their abilities.

Blue Moon (Alabama):

Cis Hinkle calls dynamic contras and fast-moving squares with zest and simplicity. Her enthusiastic calling is appreciated at dances across the United States, Canada, England, and Scandinavia. Her fun squares have converted more than one curmudgeonly contra dancer who “doesn’t like squares”. A lovely dancer, when she doesn’t have a microphone, her fluidity on the floor translates nicely into calling that helps translate the words and music into something that can really be called dancing.

Cis lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but must be racking up some serious Frequent Flyer miles as she travels to the many weekend festivals that look to her skills. She’s made the trip to Huntsville many times over the years, and we’re always glad to have her back!

Memfest (Tennessee):

Cis Hinkle is “Atlanta’s Dance Magician.” Her warm enthusiasm is contagious to all. Whether squares, contras, or other folk dances, you can be certain that all involved, novices and experienced dancers alike, will be happy and eager to dance more!

Moondance (South Carolina):

Cis Hinkle is well loved for her clear, high-energy calling, as well as her fun and challenging contras and squares. She allows both new and experienced dancers to feel right at home on the dance floor, and keeps them all wanting more!

May Madness (Arizona):

With warm humor and deft skill, Cis Hinkle specializes in flowing or challenging contras and fast moving, wester-style squares. She'll leave you wondering where you started and wishing she'd never quit. Cis can be found at many major camps either dancing or calling. "She will spin your head until you're not sure who you are!"

Raincoast Ruckus (Vancouver, BC):

Ruckus is delighted to bring back Cis Hinkle, from Atlanta, Georgia. Cis has pleased dancers since 1985 with her welcoming manner, clear instruction, enthusiastic calling, and perfect selection of appropriate dances. She specializes in flowing, sometimes challenging contras, and fast-moving,western-style squares. She can easily corral a lost dancer back into place, and keeps the dance moving in a neatly choreographed line with ease,diplomacy, and humor.

Solefest (Missouri):

From Florida to British Columbia, from Arizona to Denmark, Cis has earned her reputation as one of today’s most popular dance callers. Known for her clear calling, high energy and enthusiasm, Cis specializes in smooth, spirited contras and fast moving squares and circles.

Lady of the Lake (Idaho):

Making her debut at Lady of the Lake is Cis Hinkle, fireball caller from the Southeast. Cis learned her trade the hard way, dancing and dancing across the country. Ten years ago, she was a camper at Lady of the Lake. Today she is a highly regarded caller who draws on both tradition and contemporary influences to present spirited contras and fast moving squares. She is just plain fun to dance to and with!

Moondance (South Carolina):

Oh yes! Dancers just love this lady. She has a style that makes you feel like her voice is weaving and winding around the dancefloor with you! Calling is an art and Cis is truly a master!

Sierra Swing (California):

Cis Hinkle, one of the most popular contradance callers of the South, returns to Sierra Swing to bring her smooth, challenging contras, fast-moving western-style squares and circle dances. She has developed a strong reputation for her clear calling, high energy, and enthusiasm. "I put a high premium on fun," says Cis.