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Updated March 13, 2010 


Here at the Cisco Brewers, customers frequently suggest bars and package stores we should approach to carry our products. While we cover as much ground as possible with our adept sales team, we are only so many people. Here's how you can help us and yourself out, while supporting our march towards Global Beverage Domination, or GBD as we call it. The following guide relates directly towards our beer, and in some cases our spirits (Triple Eight). Because different states have different laws, and they are very complex, lets just stick to beer for now


Starting with a little Beer Economics 101, there is a three-tier system including suppliers, distributors, and retailers involved in getting beer into your hands. Cisco, of course, is a supplier, and we feed the distributors. In order to be carried by a distributor, we at Cisco must take many steps, including registering our labels with the state, getting proper licensing, conducting meetings, etc. (The dull part of the business). We are working hard to get distribution everywhere (GBD!), and here's a list where we currently have all the pieces in place.


MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, D.C., SC, FL, GA, ME.


It's getting our product to the third tier and our customers where we need your help. The first step is to ask your friendly bartender or store manager if they carry Cisco products. You may be pleasantly surprised to find our delicious libations right around the corner. If the establishment does not carry Cisco, take the next step.

Using the table at the bottom of this guide, ask (politely, of course, you are representing a potential hoard of customers, keep our image classy) if they purchase from " x distributor" (insert distributor from table). If the establishment does, it's a simple matter of having them ask their distributor representative for our products. If the establishment does not purchase anything from our distributor in the area, you may be out of luck at that location, thanks for trying.

A few reminders - not all distributors carry all styles of our products. Some have the 22oz bottles only, some have a mix of 12oz bottles, 22oz bottles, and draught. Some have our seasonal beers, some don't. Some bars have "contracts" with certain distributors, or might have limited storage space, etc. Even if a retailer does buy from our distributor in your area, they still might not be able to accommodate what you are looking for.

Thanks for the help, remember, the easiest way to get Cisco is to ask for it.


-Cisco Brewers-


List of our Distributors by state, some states have more than one distributor


MA - L. Knife & Sons, Craft Brewers Guild & Seaboard Products

  • L. Knife & Sons

35 Elder Avenue

Kingston, MA 02364

(781) 585-2364

  • Craft Brewers Guild & Seaboard Products

17 Collins Street

Danvers, MA 01923


CT - Drinx Unlimited, Franklin Distributing

  • Drinx Unlimited

372 Ely Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06854



  • Frankin Distributors, Inc.

140 Nutmeg Road South

South Windsor, CT 06074


RI - Rhode Island Distributing

  • Rhode Island Distributing

119 Hopkins Hill Road

West Greenwich, RI 02817


NH - Amoskeag Beverage

  • Amoskeag Beverages

PO Box 6540

Manchester, NH 03108


VT - G.Housen

  • G. Housen

155 Seward Rd

Rutland, VT 05701


NY - Union Beer, Tri-Valley Distributors, T.J. Sheehan

  • Union Beer

1213 Grand St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211


  • Tri-Valley Distributors

4925 State Route 233

Westmoreland, NY 13490

315- 853-3955

  • T.J. Sheehan

225 Commerce Boulevard

Liverpool, NY 13088

315- 451-7250

NJ - Hunterdon Brewing

  • Hunterdon Brewing

45 Howard St.

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865


PA - Shangy's, Frank B. Fuhrer

  • Shangy's

40 Main St.

Emmaus, PA 18049


  • Frank B. Fuhrer

3100 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203-2129


MD and DE - DOPs Distributing

  • DOPs Distributing

116 Pates Dr.

Fort Washington, MD 20744


VA - Hop and Wine

  • Hop & Wine Beverages

45490 Puritan Circle

Sterling, VA 20164


D.C. - Premium Distributing

  • Premium Distributing

530 Monocacy Blvd

Frederick, MD 21701


SC - Aleph Wines

  • Aleph Wines

2640 Shop Rd

Columbia, SC 29209


FL - Brown / Fresh Beer Distributing, Coastal Beverage

Palm Beach, Miami, Dade and Monroe Counties

  • Brown / Fresh Beer Distributing

1300 Allendale Rd

West Palm Beach, FL 33405


Brown's Beer Finder Link



  • Coastal Beverage

4121 N 50th St

Tampa, FL 33610


GA - Prime Wine and Spirits
        3137 Chestnut Drive
        Doraville, GA 30340
        Phone: 770-582-0115
        Fax: 770-582-0618

ME - Central Distributing

  Check out:
Tully's Beer & Wine   207.641.8622
45 Wells Plaza, Wells, Maine  04090

 You can also have our beer shipped directly to your front door!

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