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Triple Eight Liqueurs


In 2007, we created an infusion bar at Triple Eight Distillery, where we began serving infused flavor spirits using only all natural ingredients.  After many a request, we decided to launch the Triple Eight Infusions line of flavorful liqueurs as a direct result of that infusion bar.

 Hand-crafted in small batches, we use only the freshest all natural ingredients and clean crisp water drawn from the #888 well on Nantucket.

Freshen up an ordinary cocktail with Triple Eight liqueurs or simply enjoy them on the rocks.

Try them all!

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Pineapple Jalapeno In a soft blend, pineapples and jalapenos gather their opposing flavors to create a sweet and spicy liqueur that is sure to please your palate. $30  
Huixoc Coffee (pronounced "we-shock") Coffe is grown in Guatamala and then roasted by Nantucket Coffee Company. Hins of vanilla and molasses round its robust flavor. $30  
Ginger Honey Rough cut ginger is soaked for a month before its ready to be blended. Soft honey notes sweeten the deal. $30  
Blueberry Mint Blueberries from Maine, mint from our garden. These two flavors scream summertime. Try one of our famous Figawi Wowies and you won't be dissapointed. $30  
Showing 4 items