Triple Eight Distillery

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Founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1997 and located on Nantucket Island, Triple Eight Distillery is the region’s first micro-distillery. Named after its ultra pure water source, well #888, Triple Eight Distillery makes a variety of premium spirits, all of which are hand crafted in small batches using only natural ingredients.

In addition to our flagship product, Triple Eight Vodka, we make Triple Eight Orange Vodka, Hurricane Rum, Gale Force Gin and Notch (“not scotch” single malt whiskey), the first release of which is due in the spring of 2005.

Our “hard stuff that’s hard to get” motto is noticeably changing. Currently distributed in 12 states and growing quickly, we have  been the beneficiary of much national media exposure (The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Associated Press, Boston Magazine, Agenda Magazine, Elle Magazine and much more).

Yet perhaps our strongest marketing force is the island of Nantucket itself and its 200,000 visitors each year. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to your next visit to 5 and 7 Bartlett Farm Road – home of Triple Eight Distillery.

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888: a short story by Matt Lambo

Triple Eight Distillery Spirits: 34% - 44.4% alc/vol (68 – 88.8 proof).
 Triple Eight Distillery and Triple Eight Vodka logos are trademarked and owned by Triple Eight Distillery LLC.
Produced on Nantucket Island by Triple Eight Distillery LLC, Nantucket, MA 02554